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Chatting with Jen, RN of Botox Bar in Waxahachie,Texas

  1. Your business is in a very competitive field; therefore, how do you distinguish your business from others?
    Passion for patient care and stellar customer services is really what sets us apart. My goal is for all of my clients to feel confident and encouraged when visiting us for any aesthetic treatment. Beyond prioritizing education within the aesthetic community, we strive to constantly be students ourselves by attending several aesthetic conferences and trainings each year in order to offer our patient’s the most innovative techniques, procedures, and products. Our expertise and efforts to stay fully knowledgeable of the latest in the aesthetic industry has led our team to develop a keen aesthetic eye, calming bedside manner, and commitment to only performing treatments that we know will maintain a natural, balanced look. Our team’s greatest talent is the ability to highlight a patients’ natural beauty without overly altering their appearance.
  2. Do you have any tips for fostering positive customer reviews for your business?
    Showing clients they are valued and a part of our journey is what drives quality reviews. A positive customer experience fosters relationships and creates a loyal customer base that is eager to praise your business. Patient follow up and continual support are also a way to assure satisfaction, it’s not just about the visit that day, but long-term care over time.
  3. Can you briefly describe your business and your role.
    I am a Clinical Aesthetic Nurse Injector, and we are a medical aesthetic practice specializing in discreet & conveniently flawless injectable treatments. Through our treatment approach, we are deeply committed to balanced beauty and want our patients to feel confident that they’ll never walk out of our office with unnatural or overdone treatment results. Our purpose is to empower you to feel great about yourself so that you can elevate your life and achieve your highest aspirations. We believe that when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can do anything you put your mind to. It is the Botox Bar mission to provide such empowering beauty transformations through unparalleled safety, service, and results.
  4. When a client decides to get any type of aesthetic treatment, can there be nervousness involved?
    I have many clients who get very anxious prior to treatment and our goal is to discuss details in depth, encourage questions, and give as much time as needed to feel confident with their aesthetic choices. Patience is key to allow nerves to settle. As a Botox Bar patient, you can expect to begin your beauty journey with a personalized, comprehensive consultation to discuss everything from the state of your skin’s health to the science of facial aging and optimal beauty. We will hone in on your beauty desires and objectives to create a well-crafted treatment plan that will help you achieve and maintain your goals. As experts in facial beauty and long-term goals, we consider your beauty journey and provide treatments to bring that journey to fruition.
  5. What is another business that you admire that provides outstanding customer service?
    Many people in the beauty industry provide excellent customer service but I would love to highlight our fellow esthetician from Inner Glow Esthetics. Christina has a heart of gold and really strives to customize her clients skin care needs. She goes above and beyond and truly maps out a plan of action to help every person find that inner glow once again! Her saying is “Glow with us”, as noted on our instagram worthy neon wall in our lobby. You’ll have to come check it out in person! 
  6. What is a skill you needed to most develop to provide outstanding customer service?
    It’s funny because confidence is what I’ve gained most of but, also what I will continue to strive for. The essential element for an injector is to always allow yourself to grow and to learn from every patient situation. Your clients are key factors to your success, they should be treated as such. Our intent is bringing our skills in balanced beauty to the community through all three Botox Bar locations. Our team has trained with some of the top injectors in the country, and we pride ourselves in achieving natural, transformative results for our clients through attentive facial balancing.


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