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Gigi Kohler- How A Young Women Is Changing Lives

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Gigi Kohler has been in multiple international publications and is a well-known figure. She has a passion for music and acting. Her fame and popularity in a special needs program are evident in her work. 

Gigi Kohler has struggled and never let failure define the work that led her to achieve huge success in the form of AOK- Act Of Kindness. Additionally, she is also associated with many celebrities that have maximized her influence in various projects. 

Blues Clues, Zach Callison, and Grace Rolek of Steven Universe are prominent names associated with GiGi Kohler.

She was adopted at the age of three from Bulgaria and which has led her to a deep understanding of how kindness is significant to make the world better. Gigi has been through different programs that didn’t treat her well. She started a group in 2019 that is run by volunteers only. She helped people with special needs while being on the spectrum herself.

She would go out, sing and dance at local concerts and people loved her. One day Gigi walked into a big hot 97 event in New York and she was discovered. She met tons of celebrities Grace Rolek, Zack Callison Deborah from Stephen King Jennifer Twomey. 

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