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Imylia, a new anomaly changing the music industry

The music industry is an ever-changing melting pot, consisting of many influences and personal experiences. Trends and niches come and go as the times change, resulting in many new faces going “#viral”. This however, doesn’t bring longevity as in today’s era fuelled by outlets like TikTok, instagram, & YouTube. As a result, many upcoming stars lose their shine early on as they can not maintain the attention they had obtained at their peak.

But what if you learned there wasn’t a new upcoming star in the industry, but more-so, a meteor.

Meet imylia, an NY artist known for their mind-breaking usage of references, ever-changing flow patterns, versatility, & their odd position within the underground rap scene. Immediately imylia, often referred to as Lia or “Uma” by fans & friends, appears alien-like when compared to their artist peers. Despite holding arguably the most underrated catalog in the underground rap scene, perfectly wielding dark, edgy, and aggressive undertones like tangible weapons- Lia displays an unpredictable fondness of “soft-core” aesthetics & pop-cuture. Making bar references to things and people such as, K-pop scene’s “BLACKPINK”, Netflix’s “Vampire Diaries”, DC Comics, anime, internet personalities like coryxkenshin, & many more! In addition to imylia’s seemingly endless knowledge of references across the board, they promote and encourage a constant understanding of mental health & mental health awareness. Not abiding by the traditional views of objectification, reckless spending, and extreme violence that are preached by many others within the industry. imylia serves a staple to show what is possible when an individual observes the industry from the outside before attempting to enter. Being able to relate to many with their genuine aura, and similar interests, or at least knowledge as referenced in their many songs.

Only starting music in 2021, imylia has already solidified themselves with over 1,000,000 total Spotify streams, SoundCloud verification, and over 200,000 TikTok views on their on tag #imylia.

Additionally having featured with viral underground artists like Koto., Aqua Raps, Slayer77, & Skyte- Lia has earned the respect of many of their significant peers.

This is nowhere near “your average artist”, as Lia feels like someone you have grown up with & reenforces the reality that musicians are everyday people, who just happen to make music.

IG: @malnourishment

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