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All rolled into 1

All rolled into 1

“Eyes wide open” Here is a business to watch. At first glance, it can be overwhelming to hear an organization say they do all media. However, in reality, media consists of many fields and niches; how does what they say…

On Orbit Analysis of Navier-Stokes Equations From Cauchy Momentum Conditions: A Treatise for Silicon Valley Executive Network (SVEN).

Author: Dr. Jonathan Kenigson, FRSA Author Affiliation: Athanasian Hall, Cambridge LTD (Cambridge, UK) * The Navier-Stokes equation is a fundamental equation of Fluid Mechanics which describes the motion of an “Incompressible” fluid. More general and robust compression conditions have been…

Investing in contemporary painting

Fine art, including contemporary painting, can be a valuable and fulfilling addition to any investment portfolio. While the stock and bond markets may fluctuate, the art market has a tendency to operate independently, offering potential diversification benefits to investors. This…

Saint Marcus, The Art Dealer

Saint Marcus, The Art Dealer

Marcus Shaw, more commonly known as “The Saint Marcus” on Instagram, is a self-made serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. His journey started in 2014 when he became a Twitter icon, accumulating over 140,000 followers for his relatable and…

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