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How to choose the right solicitor for you

There are many of solicitors out there with a varying range of experience and expertise. From employment law to property law, choosing the right solicitor for you is important as it can have not only a large impact on the success of your case, but also your mental health throughout the process. Here are our top tips on how to find the perfect solicitor for you. 

1. Identify your legal problem 

Before you can start your search for a solicitor, you must understand the problems you need solving, in order to ask for the correct help. Different problems require different legal specialities, so it’s important to know which area of the law you need help with. This can enable you to find the solicitor who is best suited to resolve your problem. A specialised solicitor will know the latest developments related to your case, therefore would be able to provide you with up-to-date advice. 

2. Make sure the solicitor has the correct experience 

The level of experience is one of the most important criteria when selecting a solicitor. You want to choose one with a good track record and has had many successful cases over their professional career. This will help you to feel more comfortable during your case and more at ease that you will get a positive result. There is nothing worse than not believing your solicitor can complete the job. To get a good idea about their experience, you can research solicitors up online using platforms like Review Solicitors to hear what other people are saying about them. 

3. Consider the solicitors approach and fit 

It’s important that you get on with your solicitor, as this can help you build a solid relationship with them, enabling you to rely on them with your case and the future of your business. You’d be able to trust them further and feel more comfortable providing them with more intimate details of the case. Their approach is also important when it comes to choosing a solicitor.  You must consider the solicitors professionalism, for example: the time it takes for them to respond to queries, level of preparation, willingness to protect your best interests, among others.  The best solicitors will put you first and strive to deliver you a winning result. They should explain every step of the process to you, so you understand what is going on and the timeline involved, as well as reassure you of your worries. 

4. Use a local solicitor 

Using a local solicitor is a good idea as this means they are familiar with local policy and communicating with them can be as simple as visiting them in the office. However, depending on your case, you may decide to go with an international solicitor who may live further afield. In this case, makes sure your solicitor knows the local laws and that you are prepared to be dealing with them purely online over different time zones.  

5. Ask About Fees and Other Business Arrangements

Cost is also an unavoidable criterion in the decision-making process. Before proceeding with the solicitor, make sure you are aware of the costs involved and are familiar with the billing procedures and methods. This means there will be no surprises further on down the line, and the cost of the service will be one less thing to stress over. 

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