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The partner for every insurance solution: Ermal Kopani of KTS Finance

MAR 27, 2021

If you are looking for an insurance and financial partner that can allow you to solve any need for protection and insured investment, KTS Finance and all the staff of Ermal Kopani represent the best choice at your disposal.

The company, active in the Brescia area, where the owner Ermal Kopani has already been area manager of two important companies on the territory, has for years been committed to guaranteeing its customers the most important solutions in the main sectors of personal and professional life, quickly becoming one of the most popular insurance and multi-firm financial agencies in the whole province.

A service for any need

One of the reasons that made KTS Finance so famous and nationally known is linked precisely to the possibility of being able to find any solution for every insurance and financial need in this agency.

ogni soluzione assicurativa

The operator is specialized in all the main sectors of his personal and professional life, such as the car and home insurance sectors, thus protecting two of the areas of greatest use in everyday life.

KTS Finance is also present in the travel insurance sector, making every move more peaceful and protected against any event, as well as in that of life and investment policies, or even in savings aimed at social security integration, and much more.

A specific branch of the supply of KTS Finance services is then represented by the business sector, with specific products to satisfy every need on the part of companies: a wide and constantly updated range of proposals, which the insurance and financial agency is pleased to provide all its new and regular customers, eager to find attentive and dedicated advice in KTS Finance.

The best insurance products for you

Another reason that made KTS Finance an absolute partner for its insurance and financial activities is the availability of a catalog of products belonging to the best insurance companies in Italy and the world.

Within the agency’s offers, it will therefore be possible to find the insurance proposals of Reale Mutua and Generali, Axa, and Unipol: a certainty of reliability and professionalism that sees the owner Ermal Kopani and all the staff of KTS Finance being constantly engaged in identifying the most attractive solutions for its customers, constantly renewing its catalog of insurance products in search of the most customizable and convenient solutions.

Contact KTS Finance

If you want to know more about KTS Finance’s proposals or want an assessment of your needs, you can go to the Brescia headquarters, via Aldo Moro 13. You will find the usual courtesy and professionalism waiting for you that has now become a distinctive trademark of KTS Finance and a network of collaborators ready to come to the prompt resolution of any type of insurance, and financial preference or need.

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