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The Feminist Who Speaks for Mothers

An extraordinary woman who has made her mark in the world, Eurydice Eve is a feminist author, artist and podcaster and the founder of Art Against All Inc., an emotionally powerful brand. 

  Eurydice launched her writing career with her MA thesis, which her professors published into a first-of-its-kind novel, f/32,  that became famous in feminist circles. Virago Press then hired Eurydice to write a sequel, f/32: The Second Coming. Eurydice traveled in Europe, Asia and the U.S. giving interviews and readings to a loyal fanbase. Eurydice next wrote a novel, EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy, that took place inside a giant woman’s living body, where all the characters lived. It showcased Eurydice’s unique ability to address the most original topics. Eurydice published essays that enlightened readers about women of antiquity and brought post-feminism to the general public. As assistant professor of creative writing at Brown University, Eurydice participated in a C-Span discussion on ‘Literature at the End of the 20th Century’ as one of her notable public contributions.      

Eurydice worked as investigative reporter for Spin Magazine throughout the 90s. Eurydice conducted in-depth field research and embedded herself in diverse secretive communities. Eurydice authored the Sex Files column for Gear magazine, a critically-acclaimed men’s pop culture magazine. Next, Eurydice published the non-fiction book Satyricon USA: A Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier with Scribner. Satyricon USA was praised by critics as the book that prophesied the cultural wars that would shake American democracy.   

 Eurydice’s public career shifted from writing to fiber art when she was blessed with a daughter. Eurydice produced unusual visuals of giant hand-stitched female archetypes accompanied by cut-out words. She chose traditional stitching for being the oldest art produced by domestic women. This household art, once used as a bride’s dowry, gained huge attention and admiration when Eurydice exhibited it in commercial galleries.

 Eurydice had her first solo exhibition in 2008 in the Miami Design District. Labeled “Thread Bare Kulture Shock,” it was massively attended. This led to more solo exhibits, at the pace of one a year. In 2011, Eurydice organized an ‘art unfair’ in solidarity with the Occupy movement and called it Occupy Art Basel. Located across from Art Basel Miami Beach and ‘Not For Sale,’ it stood against the immoral union of commerce and the arts and attracted tens of thousands of visitors. Eurydice organized other notable communal art events titled “In Art We Trust.” 

 Eurydice was invited to participate in “Habitat,” a multi-disciplinary exhibit at the Museum of Art and Culture of Hollywood, where Eurydice displayed three 8ft.x30ft. hand-stitched tapestries that replicated nomadic temples. She was also invited to participate in a groundbreaking exhibit at the MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art titled “Intersectionality.” There Eurydice displayed her most unique artwork, titled “Suspense”—a 10 x 30 ft. hand-drilled and hand-stitched mobile collage of hanging plexiglass sheets. The transparency of the plexiglass made her stitches appear suspended in space and move along with the viewers’ bodies. People could see through the giant figures. Audiences loved it. 

 Art Against All by Eurydice Eve became recognizable to the general public for its bold presentation of feminist issues and the cut-out phrases that harkened back to her identity as a writer and triggered conversations. 

As a supporter of the #METOO movement, Eurydice launched the Speak with Eve podcast in 2018 to give audiences tools to rethink their lives. Eurydice uses spoken language “as an incantatory operational update to unteach patriarchal conditioning and promote social change.” Her podcast addresses controversial topics like abortion, masculinity, conservatorship, and hundreds more. Her YouTube channel has had a considerable impact on viewers as Eurydice discusses social issues that many are afraid to.

  In 2021, Eurydice launched Universal Mother Income, an initiative that aims to uplift mothers’ lives worldwide through the adoption of motherpay. Eurydice explains universal mother income on https://Eurydice.substack.com

 Eurydice Eve is an inspiration for women. As a feminist writer, artist and scholar, she uses her talent and craft to target essential discussions in society that no one dares to touch. 



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