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Recognizing Value Pick LLC efforts

I’m aware of the Business Planning and Continuity work Nick Gor has performed supporting small business owners as they recover from the pandemic and improve business performance.


Nick’s experience and breadth of knowledge has been critical to helping people get back on their feet and create a solid plan.

His approach is unique to each client and their specific needs. As a result, these tailor-made solutions position organizations to make the right business decisions for their situation.

Nick leads with his heart, focused on supporting the underserved. He doesn’t subscribe to the theory that some businesses are ‘too small.’ In fact, he knows they need the most help right now and stands by their side as a true partner. Regardless of the need, Nick is able to deliver the right solution at the right time.

For businesses looking to meet their financial goals and become more successful Nick is someone you want in your corner.

Ryan Walter
Founder, Parrels Advisory

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