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Elton Hollis On The New Age Of Entrepreneurship

Every day we see advertisements for different products and services. Many of them give us the urgency to buy as soon as possible. The way how people do the marketing of a service has changed. This is now the new age of entrepreneurship where people are selling but are also conscious about making a positive impact in the community. 

Elton Hollis is the founder of Golden Triangle Industrial Group based in Texas, who is helping business owners unlock their potential and thrive in the new age of entrepreneurship. With Golden Triangle, he and the co-founder Travis Woods run monthly events for the growth of entrepreneurial skills and share advice from keynote personalities in the business.

In this technologically advanced time, there is an opportunity for everyone willing to take action. The internet has made it possible to reach millions of people within a day or two. All a business needs is the right content that connects with the potential customers. 

There have been many people whose businesses got transformed drastically by attending the regular event of Golden Triangle. One of the best-kept secrets of successful people is that they regularly learn from mentors/coaches and network on events, while many new business owners try to learn by themselves and hustle for years with no result. 

According to Elton, knowledge of digital marketing is crucial in this new age of entrepreneurship. Frequently Google and social media change their algorithms, and business owners should take the time to be updated with those. Being ahead will help a company to thrive even when the online platforms are down. 

Elton mentions three tips for business owners to thrive in the new age of entrepreneurship. 

Website: Right now, if a company fails to create a platform for potential customers to find information online, it’s quite impossible to be in business. In today’s period, clients will prefer to chat online with the service provider and not to visit the store physically. That is why it’s important for every business to have a professional website and answer different questions in the form of a blog.

Social Media: Social media is one of the key marketing strategies of successful businesses. Having a profile and regularly making updates will help customers gain trust in your service. For clients, it’s easy to forget about a business which is why being active on social media will remind the potential buyer of your service.

Content marketing: Content marketing is one of the best ways to get regular customers organically. Unlike social media, content marketing takes time, but once the result starts to show the business will be established as one of the top in the industry.If you want to know more business tips and network with successful entrepreneurs, become a member of Golden Triangle Industrial Group and attend the events.

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