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Qwary is transforming feedback into actions

Qwary has established itself as one of the innovative platforms where companies can manage feedback and reach targeted audiences. For businesses, it is crucial to have a strong and positive presence online. Qwary makes the process of recording surveys simpler and uses it to maximize visibility & sale.

One of the important things in business is to understand the demand for a product and service. Many companies fail because they want to sell the things they build when there is no demand. Acknowledging the customer’s problem and providing the solution at an affordable price is a great way to start getting sales and build a thriving business. With Owary, market research is easy and effective. Businesses can provide the service for customers and effortlessly save their feedback which offers a crystal clear understanding for employees to focus on aspects that need to be improved.

Qwary is one of the highly-rated enterprise feedback platforms on G2 & Capterra, and it’s trusted by 4000+ customers worldwide. 

In business, it is necessary to stay connected with the customers and provide them with regular updates. Because of the numerous platforms available to connect, businesses try to make the process less complicated by focusing on 1 or 2 networks. Doing this harms businesses more than benefits. 

Qwary makes the connection process faster and in multiple networks at the same time. Businesses can send SMS text messages, create website survey forms, use Meta/Facebook messaging, QR code survey starters, send email survey invitations, and many more.  

There are few businesses that are focusing on growing their system. To be relevant to customers, the company has to provide easy and straightforward service. Confusing systems can take away the customer’s interest and lower their trust. Qwary on the other hand is always focusing on customer satisfaction and helping businesses to get better results. Wherever the users are from, Qwary detects the location and delivers surveys & services in their native language. 

With Qwary video and audio surveys are also possible on a new medium. Many customers get instant trust seeing the start reviews which is one of their strong features. Smiley scales, booking calendar, satisfaction score (CSAT), Effort score ( CES), Net promoter score (NPS), options to use Thumbs up & down are some of the survey elements which can be found on Qwary.

Qwary has been voted as a top 10 enterprise feedback management platform by G2. Daily Silicon Valley magazine strongly recommends businesses to use Qwary and sign up for free to get the best service for feedback analytics and management at the best price.

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