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“Thousand Times & East Side Edibles Mint & Auction First NFT”

Intrepid music producer and business owner ‘Thousand Times’ has joined in on the 21st century’s version of a gold rush. The latest excitement surrounding Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has been in the news a lot recently which lead the CEO of Charlotte’s hottest edibles company to mint a series of 5 NFT’s. The first, ‘Eat The Whole Pack Bro’ features the company’s name and logo.

While relatively new, many people are already capitalizing on the craze. NFT’s are unique in the collectible art space because the value of the artwork is tied to the identity of the creator, the backstory of the art.

Transparency, interoperability, and verifiable ownership are reasons why NFT’s have gained popularity. NFT’s are a solution anywhere uniqueness or identity is important. Art, gaming items, commemorative collectibles, digital rewards, or anything in between.

Use the link below to add one of these limited editions NFT’s to your collection today! https://www.voice.com/creation/100000001018419

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