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5 Morning Routines For Body, Mind, and Soul

Waking up in the morning and not being yourself? Being tired, unmotivated, and having negative thoughts? Mornings are sometimes difficult because our body and mind need time to wake up, prepare for the day, and process the events from the previous day. 

Sometimes it is so easy to wake up but sometimes it just feels very difficult and the only possible solution seems to be going back to sleep!

Mornings have amazing potential. Your mind is relaxed, your body had time to recover, and you can start over every morning. 

It is in your hands how you want your mornings to look like. The way you organize your morning it can impact your body, mind, and soul for the rest of your day and also for your life!

Wake up your body

Take two to three minutes before you rush to the first meeting. Your body was resting and needs to understand that it’s time to wake up. Stretch your muscles, take a refreshing shower, or dance. Let your body feel the energy and power. Various activating acupuncture spots help to feel awake and strong.

Activate your mind 

Activating your body is as important as activating your mind. Our mind helps us every day to achieve and guide us through everything. Waking up the mind is the step that you need to take to start your day properly and not slow & sleepy. This can be a quiz or any exercise that is mentally challenging you. Read a complex article or listen to a motivating song. 

Take time for a good breakfast

Too many times we believe that sleeping 10 minutes more and not having breakfast is a better decision than waking up earlier. And it is a trap. Having a good breakfast in the morning gives you energy, strength and benefits your health. Having some fresh fruits or a good smoothie is a booster so you can achieve anything you want!

Set goals

Don’t just run for the hustle. Think about what you want to do. What are your goals, what is your plan for today? Make your schedule and be clear about what has to be done. To-do lists are a great way to have an overview of what work you will do and what is done.

Make affirmations

Affirmation might sound like a useless task but it impacts our mindset and the actions that result out of it. You don’t have to make an affirmation for an hour, but taking some minutes of ensuring yourself and your goals strengthens your beliefs, wishes, and achievements.

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