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The Right Amount Of Confidence – The Key To Success

Self-confidence can be seen! How? In reality, it is very easy to see and realize when somebody does not have any confidence. The other extreme of being overconfident can be physically visible as well, in the way a person’s body speaks. 

Body language is one way to see if a person is self-confident or not. But also, speech and expression is a way that shows the lack or too much confidence.

We meet people interact, realize and understand a lot about them in a short frame of time. Sometimes individuals can’t look into your eyes or are barely able to make a proper sentence in front of you. Others can entertain whole groups and show themselves off without hesitating.

Being confident is good, but being overconfident might impact your authenticity. If you are an entrepreneur, the right amount of confidence is crucial!  

Having clients and not being able to stand in front of them with authority and confidence can take away a lot of professionalism. Being too much confident customers might see you as a poser or boaster. The same goes for your personal life. 

  • Finding the right balance of confidence is the way to be successful in all ways. 
  • Know your abilities and skills
  • Know your weaknesses and how you can fight them
  • Know your authenticity

These three aspects are just the beginning of the path towards confidence. It is essential that you know yourself, what you are capable of, and where you are a total loss. Accepting your weaknesses might be a difficult but necessary step. Trying to play yourself will only lead you to an impasse. Pretending to be good at something you are not will sooner or later expose your incapability. 

If you know your strengths and weaknesses as opposites you will be able to identify yourself and your authenticity. Be confident about your own character and specialties. 

Being self-confident is not a one-time thing. It is a continuous process of practicing every day.

Experience is of course one of the ways to become aware and sure about oneself. Another way is to start a routine of affirmation:

Talk to yourself positively

Be good to yourself and your behavior. Even you made a mistake or have a bad day, encourage yourself. Self-talk is a great way to become more positive.

Write it down

Written affirmations can impact your mindset and confidence enormously. Take some minutes in the morning and write down positive things about yourself! 


Visualization is a very important step to strengthen yourself. It helps you to stay focused on the path. Make sure you have a clear picture of yourself and what you want to achieve.

Treat yourself

You are your best friend. Treat yourself for your success! You totally earned it and you can be confident about what you became and what you aim for. Treating yourself helps you to respect and appreciate yourself for who you are.

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