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Clothes of Crescent

Jemaurie Beneche is the leader behind his clothing brand he calls Clothes of Crescent. This is a clothing brand that he started in early July, but he had the idea since he was in 10th grade. Jemaurie is a Boston native, and plans to make his clothing brand his full-time career. He has grown such an intense audience since July and the anticipation and attention are here! His Instagram following at the moment is sitting around 17.2k! which is incredible for such an early project.

Any Inspirations?
Jemaurie says the one person he thanks the most for starting his brand would be “Sam from Half Evil”, he continued to say “Yea man Sam is literally the goat! he owns a shop in Chicago and it was my first time coming down there to visit my good friend TheHxliday, but basically, I went in there thinking I was going to spend money because this is my all-time favorite streetwear brand and once I was ready to pay they told me not to worry about it and blessed me with a whole new wardrobe and I don’t know it really touched my heart because he did not have to do that all you know? like at the time I was just a random person to him so him doing that really solidified my motivation to go full force with the brand.” Then he said “Another inspiration would be my boy TheHxliday I just mentioned! He brought me out to Chicago & Los Angeles and I was able to catch a grip on different cultures and views on different streetwear brands and that helps me when I’m making my designs because I can tell what’s appealing to the eye. Thehxliday also has brought me around some pretty important people that also show a lot of love to my brand and I will forever embrace my brotherhood for that dude.”

Any Last Thoughts you would Like To Share?
“This sounds very cliche. I know everyone says it blah blah blah, but on some real shit if you have a dream and or something you are really passionate about please just go for it! Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of it because at the end of the day what does their opinion really matter if it’s YOUR dream!! If no one supports or roots for you then that’s okay you have you, you, and you as YOUR number one fan. When you become whatever you want to be the same people that we’re telling you not to do or trying to downplay will soon become your fan and you can just remember the old times and laugh at them and that’s the best feeling about this shit *laughs*

Socials: IG: @clothesofcrescent & @jemaurie
Twitter: @clothofcrescent

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