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Welcome to Big Condo Records

Following the company from its very early days, I have seen Big Condo Records grow from a company with pizazz to a label which dominates the independent scene. Big Condo Records has a unique catalogue. The company is a mixed genre label, and they have everything from folk to rap music. So where did this company come from? How did it become such successful for a small indie label?

The British independent record label was founded by Royzy Rothschild in 2015, specialising in hip-hop, rap and pop music recordings, compilation albums, events, publishing, artist booking and management. Ever since Big Condo Records set foot in the music industry, it was obvious it could only deliver a quality bustling roster of artists, becoming one of the most prestigious small labels in the world. The love of music and the artists has made Big Condo Records a powerhouse within the Liverpool and international music scene. Big Condo Records have put on over 400 shows, touring regularly and working with major headlines adding dramatic growth to the label over the past 8 years.

If you consider yourself a label head, Big Condo Records is the ultimate home for independent artists. Their A & R program is amazing how they develop new upcoming bands and singers, certified they don’t make labels like this anymore.

On top of being a record label, Big Condo has expanded with a festival called The Big Condo Records Weekender, they have their own podcast called ‘’Through the speakers ‘’ it’s not surprising that the imprint is building a legacy.
Big Condo Records is the home for the independent artist covering management, distribution, bookings, and mentorship and more.

To send your demos email: management@bigcondorecords.co.uk

We asked Big Condo Records some questions?

Q. What do you look for in an artist?
Our philosophy is that we need to love the artist or band. The artist must be unique and in their own lane. We also like to work with hard-working bands and artists too. The artist should also be good at social media content creation, posting regularly and building relationships with their fanbase, and be good at taking advice and knowing what direction they want to go in.

Q. Can you please tell us about the awards you have won.
We won BEST independent label in 2022 with Kcc Live Radio love for music awards, and Royzy Rothschild won best artist manager. We were nominated for a national diversity award for our diverse inclusivity and multi strand awareness for the work we do. We were nominated for Business of Excellence with the business awards, and we were nominated for Music business of the year by the Sound Music Awards. This year so far 2023 we have been nominated for the good business awards, so we have a good start.

Q. Why do you feel this is the ideal Industry for you?
We Love music and the artist’s, we are heavily artist focused, our recording contracts are artist focused and we love to promote music. We love our artists getting recognition with worldwide radio plays in Australia to Chicago and we bask in the creative process.

We would like to wish Big condo Records all the best for 2023, we know they will do well.

Written By Sophie Jenkins

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