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jamaine carey (@jamainecarey)

Jamaine worked as a chef in various places such as Nando’s TGI Fridays before becoming successful. He wasn’t passionate about cooking and hated his job as he was working 65 hours a week with 6 working days. He wanted a better life for himself and his mother so he decided to quit his job as a chef and look into various business opportunities. He looked into starting his own clothing brand celebrity status clothing he had Rio Ferdinand a known football player take a look at the business startup but unfortunately, there were too many risk factors. This led him to watch videos about selling products on Amazon. He was inspired by the videos and decided to invest in becoming a business seller on Amazon he saved up £1,700 with his hard-worked wages for his education. However, he couldn’t keep up with his university so he decided to use this as an investment. In less than 19 months, Jamaine turned this small investment into 2.8 million pounds. he was to do so Because of his basic money management skills and knowledge. Jamaine then went on to further investments from this success which he will share with us soon. You can keep up with his business adventures via his Instagram @jamainecarey

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