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“Unleashing the Complete Potential of Organizational Ecosystems and Strategic Approaches: An Insightful Interview with idhubs founder Rojit Sorokhaibam”

Interviewer: Today, we are joined by Rojit Sorokhaibam, the Founder of idhubs. Rojit, can you tell us about idhubs, why you started the company and how idhubs brings diverse stakeholders together to collaborate and co-create value?

Rojit Sorokhaibam (Founder – idhubs): Thank you for having me. idhubs is an ecosystem solution providing a platform that connects organizations, SMEs, NGOs, professionals, students, and community store owners in the modern technological landscape. With 27 years of experience in software development, I’ve closely collaborated with entrepreneurs, key stakeholders at Fortune 100 companies and played key roles as CTO in three successful startups to exits. These experiences have inspired me to create idhubs, aiming to simplify digital transformation for organizations, stakeholders, and beneficiaries. Currently, our effort is to showcase the potential of our platform and simplify communication for strategic investors. We strive to be the global leader in this domain.

Interviewer: I understand idhubs is involved in the Wiradjuri Community Economic Development Project. Can you elaborate on this project and how idhubs plays a vital role?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: Certainly, the Wiradjuri Project, led by CEO Dennis Mirosevich in collaboration with the Australian State & Federal Government, is a AUD $850 million initiative in New South Wales. Its goal is to fight Climate Change by providing sustainable, energy-efficient housing using advanced technology, promoting indigenous-led adaptation, and global collaboration.

idhubs will be utilized for community collaboration, corporations, and governments to jointly address Climate Change challenges. idhubs is customized to fulfill the distinctive needs of communities, seamlessly operating as a digital ecosystem community hub. Our partner, Orbit Futures, envisions replicating the success of the Wiradjuri project on a global scale, spanning regions like Australia, the South Pacific, Africa, South America, and North America. Their objective is to empower up to 100 million Indigenous individuals worldwide through the comprehensive solutions provided by the idhubs ecosystem.

Interviewer: Impressive. How is idhubs currently being utilized by others and what kind of response have you received so far?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: The response has been highly encouraging, with over 92,000 registered users and dozens of organizations utilizing our platform. Moreover, we have more than 90 organizations exploring solutions through idhubs. We are helping SMEs and NGOs to streamline their organizations’ communication and collaborative activities. Additionally, idhubs serves professionals, students, and community store owners with offerings for personal branding and online storefronts.

Interviewer: What sets idhubs apart and why should organizations consider adopting your solution?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: In a world where most organizations grapple with an exceedingly sophisticated tech landscape, idhubs stands out with its holistic and customer-centric approach. Unlike competitors addressing only one or two issues, idhubs provides a comprehensive solution, spanning from project management to collaboration tools. Our Web3 All-in-One Software harmonizes internal processes, encompassing project and task management as well as CRM, thereby refining digital presence. Externally, we offer seamlessly integrated social commerce and community networking. Through data-driven insights, users can enhance decision-making, achieve sustainable growth, and revolutionize marketing strategies. Furthermore, our pricing remains unbeatable.

Interviewer: It’s great to see how idhubs values user experience and inclusivity. Can you share more about your efforts in providing advanced analytics and data-driven insights to stakeholders?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: We are actively enhancing our capabilities in providing advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into user behavior and ecosystem dynamics. This empowerment enables stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall user experience, unlocking the full potential of ecosystem strategies.

Additionally, we would like to thank Google for recognizing our efforts and providing funding through the Google Startup Program of up to US$200k. This support will allow us to further develop our platform with more critical data references and AI capabilities, benefiting our users and facilitating connections with appropriate resources, thereby strengthening our ability to scale.

Interviewer: Maintaining a competitive edge is crucial in the business landscape. How does idhubs stay ahead?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: We adopt agile development practices to stay responsive to market demands and trends. This allows us to quickly implement updates and improvements, keeping us ahead in the competitive landscape.

Interviewer: Governance is essential for any ecosystem. How does idhubs ensure fairness and trust among participants?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: Our governance framework, unique approach and architecture foster a collaborative environment, enabling all stakeholders to thrive and contribute according to their predefined access levels. We ensure transparency, fairness and trust, encouraging active collaboration and co-creation.

Interviewer: Before we conclude, do you have any final words about idhubs and its future plans?

Rojit Sorokhaibam: We’re dedicated to becoming the global leader in digital ecosystem solutions. Our expertise in advanced analytics, agile development, governance, middle platform, and strategic partnerships aims to empower businesses through innovation. idhubs plans seamless integration with major enterprise software like SAP and Oracle via APIs for easy adoption, catering to broader audiences and digital ecosystem strategies.

Interviewer: Thank you, Rojit, for sharing the inspiring journey and vision of idhubs. We wish you the best in your mission to transform the business landscape and become a global leader in digital ecosystem solutions.

Rojit Sorokhaibam: Thank you for having me. We look forward to empowering more businesses and organizations through our idhubs platform. Follow us at https://twitter.com/go4idhubs  


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