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Thimoj: They did it!

Teddy Celdran, now renowned Director of Thimoj, a master in the art of Quantum computing and 3D animation, has just confirmed their status as the biggest Web 3 company of the first half of 2023.

After numerous announcements, each as stunning as the next, relayed around the world by Hollywood and Edinburgh gazettes, but also more recently by “SUN” sources :

Hollywood: https://thehollywoodtale.com/thimoj-dates-for-final-nfts-season-finally-revealed/

The Sun: https://www.thesunbulletin.com/universal-and-thimoj-have-done-it-pixar-on-the-case-too/

Edinburg: https://www.edinburgpost.com/teddy-celdran-thimoj-and-accenture-the-winning-team/

We’ve just learned that Thimoj has signed a contract with the French nation and the European Union to regulate computer security using quantum technology. After a meeting with the French presidency to discuss the positive and negative possibilities of quantum computing, Thimoj’s young director was offered a contract to set up these new high-end protection systems.

Indeed, Teddy Celdran and his company have just achieved the impossible. Using AI and the “Apollo” algorithm, based on a quantum ion separation scheme, to integrate the entire Lagrangian model.

The Lagrangian model happens to be the longest and most complex algebraic formula of the 21st century, since it unites the 4 fundamental laws of the quantum universe and summarizes the Standard Model of particle physics, the most complete theory of the fundamental interactions between elementary particles. It is made up of four different parts, each describing a different aspect of the Standard Model.

The Lagrangian model is written in a compact notation that uses symbols and operators from quantum field theory, such as covariant derivatives, field strength tensors, Dirac matrices and gauge group generators. It also makes use of various experimentally determined constants and parameters, such as coupling constants, masses and mixing angles.

Successfully applying this through a computer program such as “Apollo” makes Thimoj, which collaborates with Accenture, the company that comes closest to what would become the future of computing. Thimoj will be setting up its headquarters in the Sillicon Valley by October, and the headquarters of its new animation studios in Lyon, France.

At just 29, there’s no doubt that he fully deserves his place in our valley, and that he’ll be able to continue his meteoric rise. After a slow start in the creation and sale of NFTs, here they are only 2 ans half years later. Where will they stop? What does the future hold, with so many technological advances? Widespread recognition from the big boys, and perhaps, finally, from their own countries.

This young director and his young team have shown that, with hard work and perseverance, they are capable of great things.

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