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Magazine Interview Fraser Bishop Sr Board Member Accomac Technologies, Inc

What do you look for in a firm as a veteran investor?

A company that produces a product that will improve the lives of people.  This product must be useful, serve a purpose, easy to use, and economical to produce.

How can a lead investor like you know what a good investment is?

A good investment must produce a product that will be needed for a long time, at an economical price, and will allow the investor to make a make an excellent profit.

As a police officer and state park ranger, how can you distinguish between good and bad when so many people nowadays are unsure of what constitutes either good or bad?

Good, bad, likes, dislikes, opinions, and emotions vary considerably from person to person.  People tend to hide their perspectives from others to protect themselves or to get an advantage over others. Talk, listen and watch people while I engage them and evaluate their responses.  Rather than trying to determine the good and bad in people, I my goal is to determine how I want to interact with them based on my perspectives.

What attributes, other than sincerity and honesty, do you look for in a team?

I look for happy people that like people and what to help people.  People that are angry and always looking to get revenge on others don’t work well together.

What has been your most difficult experience?

Dealing with an unhappy person that wanted to argue about everything.

How do you juggle your job and family?

Both deserve consideration and priorities.  Fortunately, I have a very understanding family.  Both know that I will be there for them.  Rather than looking at it as a job and a family, I look at it as having two families.

Your career has seen you wear a variety of hats, which has been enjoyable. 

I enjoyed the variety of opportunities, learning, and helping other people throughout my career.  At the age of 11, I operated a 40 acers farm so I could have a horse, I worked as a marine biologist, and an archeologist while in college and graduated with a BS degree in biology.  I taught industrial arts at a junior high school, then spent 33 yrs. as a park ranger, park naturalist, and DNR policeman.  I retired at 57 yrs. old and became a licensed contractor, license inspector, real estate investor, and landlord.  

What one aspect of possible investments do you find objectionable?

Having to deal with questionable people, possible scams, and bureaucracy.

You deal with some of the most hostile and occasionally toxic people at work.  Do you mind that, and if so, how do you handle it?

Yes, I mind that.  I do my best to keep a happy attitude and treat toxic people with respect, even when I disagree with them.  My goal is to help them become happier more productive people.  If I can’t help them, I will eventually distance myself from them.

What is your most notable professional accomplishment?

Not allowing others to convince me I couldn’t do or accomplish a task.  I have always wanted to figure out a better, simpler way to accomplish what I wanted to do.  Analyzing, learning, inventing solutions, and accomplishing what other told me was impossible gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Teaching others to do the same has also been an accomplishment for me.

Tell me about a problem or dispute you had at work and how you resolved it.

See notable professional accomplishment above.  I try to understand the person or problem, analyze it, find a better alternative that is acceptable to everyone involved.

You are one of the few incredibly uncommon companies that have employed black, Asian, and Hispanic technology specialists, even though many companies make this claim. How did you and Tim work together to identify such talent without using checkboxes?

We worked together with others to accomplish a solution.  We looked for individuals with talent that could accomplish needed tasks without considering their race or culture to accomplish specific tasks.  Directing, allowing creative thinking, monitoring results, and letting everyone involved know how important they are to the project has made for a great team.

What motivates and drives you?

Creating something exciting and seeing the results.

What makes this project special?

While there are many types of drones on the market, this one is unique for the following reasons:

  1. It is powered by green energy.
  2. It has been designed as a plug and play system that is easy for anyone to operate.
  3. It has multiple uses…i.e., it can spray crops, spray for insects, even spray for lawn care, etc.
  4. It can reduce labor and equipment costs.
  5. Although it is very large, it can be folded up to transport it in a vehicle.
  6. It also has the same features as many drones such as cameras, GPS, crash avoidance, etc.
  7. All this at an affordable purchase price.

Accomac technologies

Accomac technologies

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