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Meet Matt MacMillan President and CEO of The MacMillan Agency.

 Matt built the MacMillan Agency to be a life insurance and annuity brokerage firm built on the principle of providing life insurance and annuity products that improve the lives of our clients.  The MacMillan Agency strives to design life insurance responsibly, ensuring families are protected financially from the disastrous loss of a breadwinner on whom the family depends.  The MacMillan Agency plans annuities to maximize accumulation and pay-out benefits for our clients.  The Macmillan Agency has partnered with the biggest names in insurance.  So, our clients know that their insurance carrier of choice has the financial means and stability to provide superior life benefits.  Starting into the insurance business at a young age, Matt realizes how vital life insurance can be with living benefits that few realize life insurance can provide. Matt’s mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when he was young.  He experienced growing up how seriously her chronic illness was detrimental to the family’s finances.  Today, Matt strives to make sure families put insurance protection in place so if tragedy does and the client becomes critically, chronically, or terminally ill, the family is financially secure. The MacMillan Agency specializes in providing safe retirement solutions to protect retirement accounts from substantial loss during turbulent economic times.  Due to economic events, fixed indexed annuities have become increasingly popular in the last few years. Americans want safe and guaranteed income in their retirement years and

The MacMillan Agency has been an insurance industry pioneer in the shift from face-to-face sales to helping families all over the United States through today’s electronic communication tools.  Matt saw a way to streamline the sales process and help more families by having access to clients in the whole country instead of just each agent’s region. Working all three time zones has also been crucial to The MacMillan Agency’s success.  We invite you to allow the MacMillan Agency to design life insurance and annuity products to make your retirement economically rewarding and secure.

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