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The “BINDER” app by RIPPZ,

One of the many things this hobby needs – an APP that can track the value of your collection across multiple brands. The BINDER app will have an easy and friendly UI with a live card by card value estimation based on current trends. The app will release in Beta for the Mythic and Legendary backers to test before it will be launched to the public. Track your collection, anywhere – anytime – with market tracking for multiple brands and sets. The BINDER app will be available for Android and IOS users.

Become a backer today, we need your support! You will be rewarded now plus many more things to come. We love all of our supporters! Come and check us out on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter!

Risks and challenges

The number one risk of opening a physical collectible shop is the rise of digital collectibles. NFTs have played a major role in the collectible space since the pandemic. The Rippz team will continue to innovate and expand the physical collectibles market and keep it alive. Physical and modern day technology can co-exist together and we are going to focus a lot of our resources on innovation.

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