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solutions for stock investors

Approximately 10 months ago, I made the decision to assist investors in finding exceptional stocks and creating an effective, well-diversified investment portfolio. I had over 10 years of experience working as an institutional trader, treasurer, and financial lecturer, and had witnessed firsthand how individuals struggle with identifying high-quality stocks and reducing portfolio losses.

Unfortunately, the process of selecting assets and employing complex financial models to compare and choose outstanding stocks necessitates financial knowledge and a deep understanding of various financial ratios, which not all investors possess. Therefore, I chose to streamline the stock selection and portfolio construction process and establish a web-based application called Diversset.

Diversset is designed to discover exceptional stocks that meet the investor’s risk tolerance and construct an effective portfolio while minimizing portfolio volatility. Diversset also has a Strategy section where investors can gain valuable monthly investment strategies for the US stock market. I have also developed two iOS applications for stock investors. These apps assist investors in determining the best time to purchase stocks, calculating fair stock value, discovering compelling investment opportunities, and offering stock trade recommendations.

It took me approximately 10 months to construct the web-based application and more than a year to develop the two additional iOS applications for equity investors. With the Diversset website, investors now have access to all the resources necessary to invest in stocks, from stock market-related videos and articles to automated solutions that save time and provide valuable insights in seconds.

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