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Deal Maker Days: Entrepreneurs Benjamin Bansal and Philipp Kuhn Share Strategies for Increasing Revenue

Ried im Innkreis (Austria), March 1, 2024 – Young entrepreneur and PR agency head, Benjamin Bansal, will present his proven business strategies alongside top salesman Philipp Kuhn at the third Deal Maker Days to help other self-employed individuals and salespeople increase their revenue. Benjamin Bansal, a 24-year-old high-profile entrepreneur and top salesman, will co-lead the event on March 23 and 24, 2024, in Vienna. He will reflect on his impressive career, which began with the organization of Austria’s largest high school graduation prom in 2018, where he first gained marketing experience and media exposure. His core competencies lie in cold calling, sales development, and strategic marketing.

The Rapid Career of Benjamin Bansal

At just 18 years old, Bansal ventured into e-commerce and began selling event trips to young people. A venture so successful that he could record his first million euros in revenue at the age of 19. Since then, he has founded several companies, including his famous start-up “lehrstelle.at,” Austria’s largest job portal for young people, which he successfully sold in 2023. In addition to his numerous entrepreneurial activities, Benjamin Bansal leads a PR agency and a call center that specializes in cold calling and sales support. However, his business activities are not the only varied aspects; Bansal also has a comprehensive academic education – he is a chemical engineering technician (HTL), holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and is completing his master’s in business law this year. “I did not aspire to a situation where one has to choose between two extremes. Many who take the step towards self-employment do so hoping to make a career and achieve financial success without an academic degree or any other high-quality education. My goal was not to embody the classic ‘rags to riches’ image, but to show that success is something that can be deliberately achieved with the right strategies,” says Bansal. These strategies will be shared at the Deal Maker Days.

Deal Maker Days – An Inspiring Event

The Deal Maker Days event aims to support other aspiring entrepreneurs in sales, marketing, and PR. During these enlightening days, Bansal, together with Philipp Kuhn, will present his strategies and methods that keep him consistently at the forefront. The event includes face-to-face training and provides a platform for participants to discuss their personal challenges, exchange experiences, and learn from the successes of the speakers and experts. Inspired by his own experiences and convinced that everyone has the ability to succeed and increase their revenue, Benjamin Bansal has set a goal to help others become successful as well. “Everyone has the potential to find the path to success with the right strategies and resources,” he says.

As a dynamic entrepreneurial duo, Benjamin Bansal and Philipp Kuhn stand out significantly in the business world. Bansal, known for his forward-looking and revenue-generating companies, as well as the successful “Deal Maker Days,” brings his penetrating vision and entrepreneurial ambition to outline strategic paths that help other entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals increase their revenue. Philipp Kuhn, at 26 years old and with an impressive revenue of over 25 million euros in the beauty industry, is not only the youngest recipient of the internationally coveted 2 Comma Club Award but also a recognized industry leader. Together, they use their expertise to elevate their companies to global leaders and share their knowledge to promote the success of others.

For more information on the Deal Makers Days and to register, visit the official website https://www.kuhnphilipp.com/dealmakerdays.

For press inquiries, please contact the press contact: Benjamin Bansal, B.A.; Benjamin Bansal GmbH, Aistersheim 1, 4676 Aistersheim.

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