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Better Defining Success – Why living your life with ‘Purpose’ is vital

You might have heard the term “find a purpose to live” quite often in your life from various sources. Finding your purpose and then living your life from it can be truly energizing. But at its core, how is finding a purpose fundamental to living a happier and more fulfilling life?

The textbook definition of purpose is the reason why something exists or something is done. Having a purpose in life is essential for maintaining and establishing your mental and emotional capacity. It can be also described as your drive in life or something that moves your life in a forward direction.

When you have a purpose in life, your day to day has a deeper meaning.  You focus on thriving rather than just surviving like most.  You aim to achieve something that makes not only your life much happier, healthier and fulfilling but others around you as well.

Finding a purpose in your life and understanding that your role in the universe is much bigger than you think brings you a sensation of peace and curiosity at the same time. You try to live up to your potential and discover your inner calling and ultimately the reason for your existence. But mind you, the path can be challenging and tiring to discover.  But instead of being intimidated, in some way, it adds a thrilling factor to your journey of living life as you pursue purpose.

Now, how does having a purpose in life improve and energize your life?

Finding a purpose in life and living to fulfill it can translate into numerous benefits…

  • It becomes more resilient and optimistic

Some people become optimistic and more resilient than ever, and dwell on hoping that positive things will happen in their life.  A greater sense of hope emerges.  They learn to find hope in the most difficult situation and their resilient nature helps them to navigate through life’s gravest challenges.

  • You feel immense gratitude and happiness

For some people, finding a purpose would make them more appreciative of the blessings they have in life.  They are appreciative of what they have achieved so far but they are not complacent either.  Combined with the hope for a greater tomorrow and the drive to maximize today, in return, they live their life to the fullest.

  • Develop better physical health

When you find a purpose to live, you become aware of the countless blessings the universe has already given you and that includes your health. You try to take better care of your health and as a result, it improves. You understand that pursuing your purpose requires the best version of you.  Further, when you tend to be happier, content, and at peace, you worry less and this also contributes to a major factor in improving your health.

  • Enjoy the process of learning something new

Life is always expecting the unexpected. You never know what’s in store for you until it has happened. Therefore, each experience you encounter in your life is a chance to learn and grow. When you find a purpose to live, you accept and embody this fact. You are quite determined and in fact, excited to face the challenges and enjoy the process of learning something new every day.

  • Feel a deeper sense of belonging

You are at a particular time, for a particular reason. Call it fate or the science of how things work in the universe, you just can’t deny the fact that some things are above your control. When you find meaning in your life, you understand this and the realization makes you feel that you belong wherever you are meant to be in the present. 

It’s often natural for individuals to wonder what they are doing at some point in their life. When that happens, you find your purpose in life again.  You start to feel you belong and you are meant to be in that specific place for some reason. This provides you with a sense of confidence to take life head-on and that itself is a success

Final Thoughts

The journey of finding a purpose in your life can sometimes be the journey to finding fulfillment in your life.  Everyone wants to be used but no one wants to be misused.  It provides a sense of importance and divine uniqueness.  Your quest to make yourselves feel at home and carve out a place for yourself in the world.

At Compel Movement, you get the assistance that will help you get started with finding the true meaning of life and finding a purpose to live for.  If you feel that this is something you want to pursue, this is the right place, and believe me, you are here at the right time and that’s for a reason.

Source: JC Gayle (Founder of Compel Movement) 

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Podcaster, Leader. But at his core, he is a Transformational Coach. He has a goal to help 250,000 people discover and maximize their life’s purpose.  www.jcgayle.com  www.compelmovement.com

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