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Sam Tabibian is successfully leveraging modern technology to provide superior client service and create a company culture that sets employees up for success.

Lyfe Law is proving that technology is best when it brings people together to positively serve the community in many ways- however, the most beneficial way is working through a contingency basis. Allowing potential clients to have representation regardless of income. Lyfe Law wants equality for the community, and they do this by educating the public about the law and their rights in a modern way. 

With Lyfe Law, you are not only relying on 50 years of service and a team of eagle-eye lawyers with expertise in various fields and a mission to make the law make sense , but you are also heavily relying on technology.  This is what it means to be a tech company doing Law. 

Sam Tabibian is one of the founding partners at Lyfe Law (Formerly known as  Century Park Law Group. The Law Firm was co-founded in 2013. 

Lyfe Law is not just one of the best personal injury law firms in California but is also considered one of the most modern law firm in the personal injury space, meaning they are one of the first law firms to go paperless and operate virtually (even before the covid-19 pandemics). With the motto “Better technology improves efficiency”, Lyfe Law successfully connects and educates not just potential clients but also other lawyers. With a strong focus on technology and education, Lyfe Law is creating a movement in the legal industry. 

Lyfe Law is a modern-day law firm whose primary focus is on complex premises liability, product liability, auto, truck, and motorcycle accident claims. Lyfe Law boasts a 99% success rate and is so confident in their lawyers that they do not take a fee unless they win a case. 

Tell us your story and what brought you to law?

I was raised in a family of doctors from both my father’s side and my mother’s side. In fact, my last name translated to English means doctors. Throughout my childhood, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become a doctor. However, sometimes through college, I realized medical school was not my path. I was always argumentative throughout my youth as well as business oriented, the natural use of these argumentative skills was to be a lawyer. I pursued my undergraduate study at USC focusing on Sociology and Psychology, helping me understand people individually and how society affects them. Thereafter I went to law school and obtained an MBA.

Having seen my father treat patients with injuries, and the injustices they received, I levitated toward practicing Personal Injury law to obtain justice for my clients.

What inspired you to start the business?

Having had the opportunity to practice many areas of law, I realized that one of the most rewarding areas of law is Personal Injury as we truly help people who do not have the resources to help themselves. I decided to dedicate my practice to Personal Injury and partnered up with Sham Manouchehri, who I have known my whole life to start our law practice. We knew at the outset we must start a law firm that specializes in only Personal Injury and become the best at it.

What are the key attributes of excellent law practice? 

I have found two main attributes to an excellent law practice. The first attribute is to have a system in place that functions properly. We pride ourselves on having one of the most technologically advanced law firms with systems and processes built in to make sure everyone works as efficiently as possible and prevents mistakes from happening. We often call ourselves a tech firm that practices law as we spent so much time perfecting and utilizing our system.

The second attribute is to make sure we have excellent team members that know what they are doing and are passionate about their work. The combination of these two attributes yields great results for our clients.

What are your 3 key leadership elements? 

1.     Educate and train our team – We make sure that our team receives the proper training on what they are supposed to do. Moreover, we make sure that our team understands Personal Injury law and the importance of their work in what we do.

2.     Keep our team happy – We strive to make sure our employees are happy. We spend most of our daytime at work. If you are not in a happy environment all day, you will eventually not want to work there and will not give the best performance. We make every effort to have a great office atmosphere and make sure to reward our team.

3.     Trust our staff – We go to great lengths to hire the right people and train them. Accordingly, we trust their ability to do what they need to do. This trust enables people to do their jobs without having to worry about someone questioning their work. This has led to great results for our clients.

What makes your leadership effective? 

I believe what makes my leadership effective is having a vision and having all the partners, attorneys and managers share my vision. There is only so much time in the day so I can’t do everything myself, I trust my team to get us to our vision using their respective expertise.

How is leadership changing?

We are living in a post-Covid-19 era which has changed the game. The shutdown caused many people to reevaluate their careers. People realized that their personal life priorities are more important than their jobs and that they have other options out there. As a leader of any organization, you have to understand this and make sure your organization caters to its staff to make sure that they are able to meet their personal priorities. We have structured our firm to make sure everyone can meet these priorities without having to choose between working here and getting a new job. Leaders need to put their employees first before the company, with the understanding that happy employees will make the organization succeed.

What do the next five years look like?

Our next five years will be constant growth, and investment into expansion, and infrastructure. We will be expanding into other areas of law that can help consumers. Moreover, we will be expanding beyond California to other states. 

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