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Are you looking for ways to become a distinct person of value ? Javariya White, is a distinguished life coach, purpose driven speaker, thought leader, and catalyst and he has the perfect program for creating your own personal legacy.

Here are his seven steps for becoming a person of value in your life and the lives of others.

1. Knowledge of Self: Before anything else, it’s important to truly understand who we are and our potential—this means exploring ourselves from all angles what we’re good at, what motivates us, our aspirations and dreams as well as our vices and weaknesses. Once we gain this knowledge, then we can start working towards building a authoritative future.

2. Discover Your Gifts: Everyone has something that makes them special and unique take the time out to identify yours; whether its a skill or a talent that comes naturally—uncovering these gifts from within allows us to tap into infinite resources that will be valuable moving forward!

3. Cultivate Your Gifts: Now that you have identified these gifts or talents, don’t let them go undiscovered; INVEST in yourself by cultivating these skills further! This could mean taking classes or pursuing certifications so you can build on existing proficiency and become more knowledgeable in this area!

4. Monetize Your Gifts: Once we have honed our skills over time, it’s time to start monetizing those assets that you cultivated so they can generate greater value for us down the road. Find ways to leverage your capabilities towards obtaining opportunities that can expedite the process.

5. Become A Person Of Value: Making sure others recognize your worth is often challenging but achieving true success requires proving our greatness by showcasing our value at any given situation; don’t forget the law of confidence is key when entering any room so make sure you leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to why they should partner with you in the future.

6 . Become A Person Of Influence: Another way of making an impact is through leading by example and inspiring those around us through our actions as well as words; take every opportunity presented to demonstrate how moving with integrity and character can create a positive verbatim effect in the world!

7 . Become A Person Of Power: Lastly remember that power isn’t necessarily measured by dominion but rather the impact and effect an individual is able to create over people, places, and things.

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