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5 Reasons Startups and Online Entrepreneurs should Advertise on Social Media

The presence of big-name companies on social media is already widespread. While it may not be the case yet, there is good reason for startups and online entrepreneurs to utilize the same advertising tactics across social media. 

Let’s take a look at the most important reasons startups and online entrepreneurs should advertise on social platforms. 

1. Visibility and Brand Awareness

It is now estimated that over half of the world’s population uses social media on a daily basis. Startups that prioritize advertising on social media will access depth in visibility that they may not be able to find anywhere else. This can go a long way in forming good relationships, not only with future customers, but also with potential partners, competitors, and investors. 

2. Networking 

We hinted at this idea in the last point, but the concept of networking via social platforms truly can’t be emphasized enough. Because of the outreach potential social media offers, startups and online entrepreneurs who may have struggled to get exposure before, now have the opportunity to link up with desirable partners and investors. An effective and efficient social media advertising strategy, overtime, can increase referrals, retweets, shared posts, etc. – making it possible to network without any restrictions. 

3. Feedback and Engagement 

Customer feedback is essential at all stages of business, but especially in the beginning. For online entrepreneurs and startups trying to make a name for themselves, social media can act as a medium for honest feedback. 

Not only is this tremendously important in the early research and development stages, but also in building positive sentiment for future products. Brands that advertise early and often across sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, will have an easier time building the excitement necessary for a successful first product launch.  

4. Cost-Effective Marketing and Advertising 

The only issue most startup companies and online entrepreneurs have with advertising on social media is the large amount of content creation it requires. However, once brands get a grasp on this, they’ll find marketing on social media to be far more cost-effective than traditional print, outdoor advertising, or even search. 

With a thorough strategy in place, it is more than feasible for a startup or online entrepreneur to convert their target audience into paying customers. Not to mention the possibility of viral content – something that could truly turn a small startup into an international success. 

5. Building a Community and Customer Loyalty 

This is something that’s already being done by SMBs and Influencers across all social platforms. Brands now have the opportunity to gain exposure, build trust, and then sustain their position as an online community epicenter. By building a rock-solid core customer base in the initial building stages of the company, startups and online entrepreneurs can almost guarantee a successful launch. 

Looking to step up your social media advertising? 

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