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DBFI Platform Turn Crypto Into Compliance.

Trustlane LLC bring a new breath into crypto ecosystem  

Crypto assets have become a phenomenon where many countries have finally banned  or made laws to regulate digital assets which are increasingly in demand. the magic of  crypto which should be used for the good is considered a rival to bank institutions and fiat  money. Trustlane LLC has developed a DBFI Platform based on a hybrid blockchain as  a bridge between crypto and fiat money. DBFI is also being prepared as a public platform  that provides DAPPS applications that use CBDC or central bank digital coins in the near  future.  

Trustlane is describing the platform’s bold vision with these words “Our platform will  change the way you think about the crypto”  

What Is DBFI Platform and How Does It work?  

DBFI Platform is like the final frontier for the crypto space. It requires a broad ecosystem,  and a detailed understanding of the current and future needs and capabilities of the  financial system. Trustlane is using a very secure and easy system, which includes a  custodial base on the crypto bank platform and a non-custodial base on mobile apps . The  platform will serve as a digital asset gateway, where users can have access to diverse  digital assets. Trustlane ecosystem will include crypto banking, financial trading, foreign  exchange, brokerage trading and supply chain via hybrid blockchain to streamlining every  process before end up for fiat money. The automation is done through open smart contract  (OSM) programmed to represent request, this will include digital crypto ID, secure  messaging between participants. Trustlane integrates hybrid blockchain as a compliance  access before transactions are executed to the public blockchain. Major crypto coins  and Altcoins issuer are encourages to join into ecosystem.  

Trustlane llc is a subsidiary company of PT IDFC Internasional headquartered  in Jakarta,Indonesia. Trustlane llc is licensed crypto company based in Georgia Special  Trade Zone. 


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