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AKitoGroup conquers American and European IT service markets

The Clutch 2023 list featured AKitoGroup as one of the top software, mobile app, and IT consultants in Latvia in January 2023. 

Clutch.co ranks and reviews B2B services for buyers based on unbiased ratings. Clutch’s listings are created using a unique ranking methodology that takes into account multiple factors. 

The recognition will serve as yet another motivation for AKitoGroup’s team to continue delivering high-quality IT services and helping our clients to build successful and sustainable businesses. 

AKitoGroup is based in the EU. The company has established itself as a very reliable and high-quality IT service provider during the last 10 years. Client geography includes EU, USA, UK, UAE. 

“AKitoGroup prioritizes product quality and delivery time. The client should receive dividends from the developed product as soon as possible and not worry about the quality of the code,” said CEO and Co-Founder of the company Alexander Kvasa

The company offers small, medium and large businesses in 15+ industries a comprehensive suite of software, mobile apps, blockchain, AI, bots, IT support and outsourcing services. AKitoGroup completed over 170+ projects around the world. 

The reliability of their outsourced services is ensured via a sophisticated quality management system and guaranteed security of the customers’ data. 

Their team works with multiple programming languages (.NET core, Dart, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Python, Javascript, PHP, Golang, etc.) and covers advanced IT areas like AI/ML, IoT, big data and blockchain. 

If you are interested in software development services by the industry recognized vendor, don’t hesitate to turn to AKitoGroup’s team!

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