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Renowned Biotech company launches revolutionary drink designed to combat PMS blues

A renowned biotech company specialising in traditional Chinese medicine has officially launched a revolutionary Ginseng drink to help reduce PMS symptoms for women around the world. 

Combining the principles of Chinese medicine with contemporary science, PinZhenCao prides itself on creating natural solutions that promote a healthy physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Their newest concoction is the PZC Ginseng drink – which has been proven to reduce and relieve some of the most common, negative symptoms of PMS, such as cramp relief, night sweats and hot flashes. Packaged in single-serve sticks, the PZC Ginseng drink is easy to consume on the go, and is effective and easy to use. Now available to purchase online for worldwide delivery, including China, the United States and Europe, this new drink is set to take the wellbeing industry by storm.

“With thousands of years of experience and wisdom, Chinese herbal culture has long been proven to improve wellbeing in a number of ways for centuries,” says Jessie, founder of PinZhenCao.

“It is an integral part of China’s heritage and culture, and to this day it still continues to amaze the world. With a unique passion for addressing women’s health concerns, our company has now set out on this mission, using Chinese medicine, to help relieve many negative symptoms of things such as menopause and PMS, and our Ginseng drink is set to be the first of many that we expect to launch for worldwide delivery.”

Carefully crated to provide the perfect balance of traditional wisdom and scientific innovation, the drinks are designed to boost energy levels, provide period cramp relief and some of the most common menopausal symptoms. The adaptogenic properties of ginseng have been known to regulate stress hormones, too, as well as promoting emotional balance and reducing overall irritability during period-related hormone fluctuations.

“The PZC Ginseng drink really is the number one solution for PMS sufferers. In addition to regulating hormones and improving mental wellbeing, it also promotes physical health. For example, the cranberry drink has natural compounds, proanthocyanidins, which are known to ensure optimal urinary tract health and even reduce the risk of UTIs.”

With advanced fermentation technology, the drink also amplifies the bioavailability of active compounds, ensuring your body can lap up the full benefits of its powerful ingredients. With the ability to prevent hair loss, bad moods, swelling, urine infections, cramps, and more – this drink really could be for everyday use, and is set to change the way women deal with the effects of PMS worldwide. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

For women, ginseng also has additional benefits aside from just alleviating menstrual discomfort, such as promoting good skin health, relieving anxiety, and improving blood circulation. 

The drink can now be purchased in a pack of 7 sticks for just $41.99.

To order the Ginseng drink, visit: PZC Ginseng Drink (pzcmall.com)

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