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The Market Shop by Altered State Productions Simplifies Digital Media

Exciting news is brewing in the media and e-commerce industries. Altered State Productions, one of the top Dallas marketing agencies, is making waves with its groundbreaking Service-as-a-Product (SaaP) model. This small team of experienced creatives has been recognized for their expertise and talent. With services starting as low as $50, shopping for marketing solutions from your phone is a go-to for brands like New York Fashion Week, Dallas Blends, Samsung, Welks Resorts, Valyо̄u Furniture, and more

Altered State Productions burst onto the scene with its bold and daring approach to branding, boasting a creative flair that set them apart from the competition. Their expertise in media marketing and stunning video ads quickly gained them a reputation to house some of the leading Dallas videographers in the industry. Along with their connections through affiliate networks, it only strengthened their position in boosting online sales and media placement for their partners and clients.

And the team’s reputation continues to soar, thanks to their impressive track record of building brand equity for high-profile clients. From New York Fashion Week to Samsung, Dallas Blends to Valyou Furniture, Altered State Productions has consistently delivered cutting edge media services.  The  edgy team consisting of producers, technicians, and artists showcase an attention-grabbing portfolio alongside their award-winning marketing strategies, which has propelled growth and demand for their highly sought-after services. In an impressive display of creative prowess, the video production company is rapidly expanding and cementing their well-earned reputation as industry leaders, leveraging their exceptional expertise and talent to dominate the market and continue their upward trajectory with no signs of slowing down.

Tired of the traditional discovery call, proposal, and quote model that plagues the marketing industry, co-founders Hebert Huerta and Eddie Castillo explored a better solution. The pair created a platform that allows businesses to build their dream campaign as easily as adding items to an Amazon Wishlist. It’s the most intuitive platform on the market to explore the many possibilities for media and content projects. 

After just one year, they are thrilled to unveil their new marketing e-commerce store. Their SaaP model provides an a-la-carte experience akin to ordering from “Uber Eats.” Shoppers can explore portfolios from a range of artists. They can opt into custom billing with options like PayPal’s Pay in 4 program. There’s even a rewards program, as most consumers would expect from an e-commerce site.

Gone are the days of uncertainty and hidden costs. With Altered State Productions’ transparent and convenient approach, business owners and brands can intuitively browse services, knowing exactly what they’re getting. The Marketing Shop provides vital details, including the price, duration, scope of work, and return on investment. It’s a game-changer that CEO and Co-Founder Hebert Huerta is confident will revolutionize the industry.

“Discovery calls, proposals, and quotes are quickly losing their effectiveness in our on-demand world,” Huerta says. “Our new approach is all about affordability, guaranteed results, and speed. And it’s what CEOs and CMOs are looking for.”

The launch of this marketing e-commerce store is a bold step that repositions Altered State Productions. The brand not only delivers excellent service and media production but also provides the best shopping experience for its clients, prospects, and partners. This new approach has the potential to grow the business beyond its current engagement model and showcases what Altered State Productions can do for future clients. It’s a groundbreaking move in the media and marketing industries, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this innovative agency.

The Marketing Shop is now available at alteredstateprod.com. You can shop for various marketing services such as Branding and Art Design, Email Marketing Services, Video Production and Distribution, Retailing, E-commerce, Immersive Commerce, Digital Marketing and SEO Services, Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing Services, and more.

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