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Tripp Wilson: Another Rising Music Creator To Look Out For!

Tripp Wilson’s Passion: A True Music Enthusiast

Growing up in Anchorage, Alaska, Tripp Wilson Had a knack for playing various instruments, such as the piano, sax, drum, and bass. Tripp was raised in multiple cultures, which influenced the development of his musical taste and sound.

Tripp devotes his creative time to fusing various elements from various musical genres to produce his original, heartfelt, universal sound. He wants to bring his culture and roots to the music world with some exciting fusion work. Yes, Tripp has created the Afro-Country genre with his exquisite musical talent.

The creation of the Afro-Country music genre

On a Sunday evening, Tripp Wilson was inspired to write something unique and different after speaking with the Nigerian Afro Pop star Ric Hassani over the phone. He entered the studio and began to write a country song, but about halfway through, he wondered, “How about I add an African Pop beat to the original country song?” A unique sound that would ultimately become referred to as Afro-Country was created 10 minutes later by the harmony of the Afro Tempo and Country Pulse.

Island Reggae

Ever since he was a child, Tripp was constantly fascinated by Hawaii. Tripp spent his early teenage years living in Hawaii and singing island music for several well-known island reggae artists. He is now developing that incredible sound to new heights years later.


Tripp Wilson has released a total of eight songs since his music career debut in 2021. Two were released in 2021, and six songs were released last year. The unique and intriguing blend of Island Reggae and Soul.

Tripp will be releasing his first single of Afro Country late April and the entire album in June. 

What traits make Tripp Wilson a great musician.

He has solid focus!

You will struggle to achieve this if you find it challenging to focus on the tasks. Relationships, family troubles, friend conflicts, and social concerns are just a few examples of the many challenges and distractions that exist in life. The music industry has a way of taking existing challenges and compounding them with many new ones. Tripp is a proud black man, and he swiftly deals with the complications of life to concentrate on making music and his job. If you can pull that off, you’ll be able to remain engaged and ultimately accomplish your goals. Because nothing happens overnight, Tripp is also patient, which is crucial to staying focused.

Tripp is a team builder and works well with others

Working well with others and building a network is one of the skills Tripp has, which is particularly great for working in the music business. Whether you work in the industry, whether it be at a record label, publishing house, or marketing firm, you will work in bands and collaborate with other musicians. Tripp has worked in partnerships and has had great success with them. Tripp can accept criticism, motivate others while being inspired himself, and the ability to accept criticism, and he takes responsibility for his actions.

He is decisive

Tripp can make good decisions quickly and stick to them. The truth is, you’ll frequently require being able to see chances and seize them before they pass you by. When trips take any action, he also maintains it. Too many new musicians, on the other hand, do the exact opposite: they struggle to make decisions, they miss out on possibilities, and if they do decide things, they abandon them if things don’t go according to plan right away.

He knows his specialty

Being a jack of all trades and king of none is something that Tripp doesn’t resonate with; Tripp has created his genre, which is a mix of the afro pop and country theme. He chooses something he is extremely good at, and he does it in a manner that no one else can. Pick something you enjoy doing, and then figure out a unique method. You now possess a specialty. If not, you’ll end up blending in with everyone else and never standing out.

Tripp Wilson is not just a rising star but a future icon and we know it. His work speaks for itself and it is time that

music creators like himself receive the fame and opportunities they deserve.

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