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Influential Entrepreneur Paves The Way For His American Dream

Patriotic singer and entrepreneur, Andy Ross, is the CEO of his American Proud Brand, American Rebel. Andy had a vision of designing backpacks and apparel made to conceal carry because he said there is a “growing need to know how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors or even a room full of total strangers.” 

American Rebel prides themselves on patriotism, honesty, reliability, and loyalty. Just like Andy, they are deeply devoted to the USA. Their core mission is to promote responsible gun ownership while being able to conceal carry. 

American Rebel builds safes that are highly desirable for residential markets. Their most popular safe is the Black Smoke safe which comes in six different sizes. The safes can withstand a fire for 75 minutes at 1200 degrees. They also offer various ways of shipping the products to the buyers. Recently, American Rebel currently has about 400 retail stores across the country carrying their products. Through their easy to navigate website, buyers can shop conceal carry apparel, light kits and rifle rods for safes, and conceal carry backpacks. 

American Rebel also attends conventions such as the upcoming 2023 152nd NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. They promote their products through the whole nation to spread the word about this niche brand. 

Andy, being a passionate gun enthusiast, wanted to carry over his beliefs in the 2nd Amendment and encourage safe and responsible gun ownership. Self-defense products are becoming higher in demand as people are wanting to safely defend themselves and others. 

Located in Lenexa, Kansas they offer top of the line customer service. Customer, Matthew Caralle, says “American Rebel is a true patriotic brand that excels at customer service and delivering high-quality products.” The American Rebel team is eager to answer any questions and feel strongly their consumers get the most out of their Patriotic product. 

In addition to owning a successful business, Andy promotes his All-American Pride through his music. His song, “Rebel,” helped build this powerful company. Andy created a whole brand based around this song and quickly his anthem. There are many others out there just like Andy and that is what makes it such a successful company. There truly is nothing Andy can’t do.

Andy Ross sends his thanks, and hopes that his audiences will follow behind him, lending a hand in appreciating these hard workers. Listen to his personal thank you in his new song, “All American Heart” and follow this singer-songwriter at andyross.com

All American Heart” Official Music Video: https://youtu.be/uhZLyr8sPqU 

Also follow him on social media @andyrossrebel at the links below:






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