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Riverside County Credit Repair Service StrongCreditRepair.com Sees Uptick in Clients as Mass Migration to Inland Empire Ramps Up

Credit repair experts at Strong Credit Repair say a poor credit score could affect Southern California residents plans to relocate to Riverside County.

RIVERSIDE, CA — For more than a decade, rental prices in Riverside County have remained competitive with neighboring Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties, leading to a significant population boost for the Inland Empire. Strong Credit Repair, a company based in Riverside, California with leading credit repair experts, is helping the influx of prospective renters and homeowners resolve credit report issues ahead of their move.

“Consumers know how much rental prices can swing throughout California, but the Inland Empire has remained a hot market for people looking for an alternative to expensive coastal communities. StrongCreditRepair.com has received more interest this year from clients who want to avoid missing the opportunity to secure a competitive lease agreement or low interest rate,” said Ezekiel Kobina, District Manager of Strong Credit Repair.

According to recent change-of-address records from the U.S. Postal Service, combined, Los Angeles and Orange counties lost about 400,000 people between 2018 and 2022. Riverside County is currently the fastest growing county in all of California, adding more than 228,000 new residents between 2010 and 2022. 

Housing experts have pointed to significantly lower housing costs and job growth in the Inland Empire as the primary contributors to the region’s population boom. Home prices in the Inland Empire have also been as low as about 50% less than the median home prices in Los Angeles County.

The professionals at Strong Credit Repair said applying for a residential lease or new home loan is one of the most common reasons consumers will find their credit report under a microscope – and why it should be taken seriously before searching for a new home in Riverside County.

“Knowing your credit score and what may be hurting it can be the difference between a rental application being approved or denied. Consumers have entrusted Strong Credit Repair with disputing inaccuracies on their credit reports because we know how important it is for consumers to present a strong credit profile. If moving to the Inland Empire is our client’s goal, we help them through every step to improve their credit report to make their next dream home a reality,” he added. 

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