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New Name, Same Exceptional Care at Home: The Luxury Beauty Becomes BYOU

In January, The Luxury Beauty will officially complete its shift to BYOU

NOVEMBER 28, 2022 – Thousands upon thousands of people in cities across the United States have trusted The Luxury Beauty’s pledge to deliver beauty, wellness, and lifestyle services to their doorsteps, a pledge that this app has flawlessly carried out. Now, The Luxury Beauty has announced that its platform will be transforming into BYOU.

The BYOU app will have a new name, but users will still be able to trust this app with the same level of concierge services as always. 

BYOU will offer users the same amazing at- home beauty, wellness, and lifestyle services such as hair and nail services, and it will also add mental health services to its lineup. This service gives BYOU users the ability to request a mental health expert to come to their home for a session. “We are committed to being there when you need us the most,” said Danique Motzheim, founder of The Luxury Beauty/BYOU.

This concierge-style app has partnered exclusively with Uber to bring all of these services directly to users. They simply go to the app, choose their service, and choose where they’d like their professional to show up. The beauty of BYOU is that users don’t have to schedule days in advance; instead, they can choose same day services that yield a professional at their door in minutes. 

BYOU is currently available in U.S. cities from coast to coast, including San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami. In addition, BYOU is rolling out its services in cities around the world, including London, Marbella, and Dubai.

BYOU is an advocate for gender equality, zero hunger, and sustainable economic growth. As the platform expands, it continues to give back through the ‘BYOU For Impact’ initiative, which shares profits with organizations helping people in need. 

With the rebranding of the app comes a new horizon for its endeavors. What began as away to bring aesthetic services directly to people has become a way for people to seek out not just salon and wellness services, but to also access mental health services andsupport a major global initiative. Learn more at https://byou-app.com/.


BYOU is a concierge app seamlessly bringing a wide array of beauty, wellness, and lifestyle services to its users’ doorsteps. 


Danique Motzheim 


E-mail: info@byou-app.com 

Website: https://byou-app.com/ 

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