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Meet Kory Muniz at ‘Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™’ at Barnes and Noble Books Signing!

Join Kory Muniz in this festive celebration of the book Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™. This book will awaken your inner Goddess-given Power and Divine Feminine Leadership. It is filled with sacred stories designed to help you connect with the Goddess Archetypes! Take this Dive Deep into the Journey of the Goddess through each woman’s story. There is nothing you can’t overcome! Come meet Kory Muniz and grab Your signed Copy of Pillars of Light at this live event.

Date: December 4

Address: 3625 Grand Ave, Chino Hills, CA 91709, United States 

Time: 1-4

Pillars of Light, Stories of Goddess Activations™, is a feminine fusion of personal stories, teachings, and healings that connect you with the divine feminine. These stories are raw, real and unapologetic, and powerful. 

The stories are direct experiences of Goddess Activations™ and each woman’s experience as Radhaa Goddess Guide and Activator of the Goddess Codes. Women were able to share with open hearts and vulnerability to reach transformation. This book shows how the Goddess’s essence and energy are real. When we call upon them, they appear. In this time of the greatest shift in history, it’s time to bring the Goddess back to balance the scales and anchor the Goddess Frequencies on Earth. Each woman stands as a Pillar of light, sharing the lessons of the Goddess Journey. Pillars of Light, Stories of Goddess Activations™ on Barnes and Noble:bit.ly/3Gvbbww. 

About Kory Muniz: Intuitive since birth, Kory’s healing journey has been an ongoing process since childhood. After the death of her beloved mother to breast cancer, she was determined to find ways to keep herself and loved ones healthy, knowing it is easier to maintain health than to take away dis-ease. 

Kory has been doing energy work for over 30 years and studied at the Touch Therapy Institute and continued her training  with her Master Teacher, reaching Reiki Master Level Certification. In addition to her healing practice, Kory is a gourmet Raw Food Chef and Educator. Kory’s mission is to connect the spirit of every being with the remembrance of unconditional love, healing, and self-empowerment. Reach Kory at: VibrantHealthNaturally.com

Radhaa Publishing House specializes in ongoing collaborative book series devoted to the voice of the Soul. Made with love, high quality, and consciousness. We distribute heart-centered and exceptional books in print and digital formats and have been multiple #1 Bestsellers. This book is educational, entertaining, provocative, and healing for the reader ready to receive these sacred stories that can transform your life. We are a global community with authors from around all corners of the Earth. If you have a story in your heart that you want to share, you can apply to be in one of our upcoming collaborative books; we would love to connect: www.RadhaaPublishingHouse.com.

Apply to be an Author: bit.ly/3RrsfVS


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/RadhaaPublishing.

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YouTube: https://bit.ly/3z7wJe2.

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