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Meet The Author of the soon to be released novel The Price We Pay- Nikki T. Anthony

Nikki T. Anthony is the writer behind the highly anticipated Young Adult novel, The Price We Pay, which has been coined by critics as the ultimate modern day Black experience.

Not only is she a multi-faceted author, she’s also a serial entrepreneur who transformed from Corporate Technical Writer, to highly sought-after Ghostwriter, literary Consultant, and Content Developer.

Growing up, Nikki always knew she wanted to become a writer. It wasn’t until adulthood that she decided to embark on her dreams, after realizing that words held the ultimate power. It was her epiphany that sparked a fire to pen The Price We Pay, a novel centered around a young girl, Zenetta Henchman, who finds herself thrust into the very heart of a boiling pot of racial hatred, fear, and – for people like her– oppression. This is a story told with heart, with soul, with honesty and with – in no small measure – pain. As Zenetta’s story unravels, so do those pillars on which she built her life. Her father. Her mother. Her oldest friends. Her newest friend. Her faith. Her community. Nothing spares her – yet nothing stops her from rising above a seething cesspool of hatred, rage and fear, which has just one purpose. To keep her down . . . no matter what.

This book has been called the To Kill a Mockingbird for the 21st Century, told from a Black perspective. As she navigates the treacherous waters of a racially divided small Southern town, Zenetta discovers that there is always a price to pay for her choices, even when she’s not the one who ultimately has to pay.

As a result of penning the highly anticipated novel, Nikki hopes that it will serve as the conversation starter of the 21st Century.

“Blame does not help us. Talking about the issues at hand however can carry us a great deal. If we can change the conversation around race relations, we can change the world. No, the conversations aren’t easy to have, but staying calm enough to listen through them can make a world of a difference.” Nikki T. Anthony encourages everyone to join in on the conversation by visiting her website at www.iamnikkitanthony.com.

The Price We Pay currently has a debut release date of September 12, 2023, however is now available for pre-order at www.amazon.com, www.ptppress.com, and www.iamnikkitanthony.com.

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