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Introducing LossPay: Shaking Up the Car Insurance World with Diminished Value Insurance Coverage

LossPay, Inc. is currently shaking up the car insurance world with its creation of America’s first diminished value insurance protection.

Diminished value is the difference between a car’s pre- and post-accident value. Unfortunately, many drivers are unaware that this type of loss is not covered by their primary auto insurance policy. Most are forced to seek compensation by filing a lawsuit which is time consuming, expensive and is by no means guaranteed to be decided in favor of the claimant.  That is why LossPay has developed a comprehensive policy that can cover most diminished value losses associated with an accident or repair.

For the first time ever, car owners will be able to have their diminished value losses covered by an insurance policy. This groundbreaking new product was created by luxury and supercar owners and experienced insurance veterans.  “At LossPay, we understand how important it is for drivers to be compensated for their diminished value losses,” says Go Enokida, CEO of LossPay, Inc. “Our policy not only helps people get back on the road quickly but also mitigates the financial losses typically experienced due to an accident.”

With a LossPay policy, drivers can rest assured that they will be compensated for most diminished value losses, up to their selected coverage limit, as a result of an accident or repair. Furthermore, customers can customize their coverage options to ensure that they receive the most comprehensive protection possible.

LossPay is also committed to providing superior customer service by providing access to knowledgeable representatives who can answer any questions or concerns customers may have about their policy. And with competitive rates and flexible payment plans, it is easier than ever for customers to find the right solution to protect their vehicle investment.

“We are proud to offer this innovative product which provides unparalleled protection against diminished value losses,” says Go Enokida. “We believe that our new policy coverage will revolutionize the way car insurance works and will make it easier for vehicle owners to overcome the pitfalls of being involved in an accident”

Backed by industry leader in niche market products, Cimarron Insurance Company, Inc., LossPay has launched in Arizona and plans to expand its reach across the nation in the next 18 months.

Don’t let your diminished value losses go uncompensated – get protected today with LossPay!

• Secure financial protection for your car’s diminished value following accident repairs

• Coverage that goes beyond all traditional car insurance policies to cover you for potential lost value

• High-quality coverage available on vehicles valued at $50K and higher

• Purchase LossPay coverage to supplement to your existing car insurance policy to ensure you receive the most comprehensive coverage available to car owners 

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