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Marcus Bell is Revolutionizing Animation with Inventing 9th Dimensional Technology

Marcus Bell is the first person to invent a 9th dimensional animation with his animation, “QtCinderella and the Enternal Streamer Award”. Bell has a patent on the 9th dimensional animation as of 2023. 

The First 9th Dimensional Animation by Marcus Owen Bell/CalmsurblePV


Bell has never done a Tedx Talk and has no desire to do a talk with that company with false narratives. 

Mixed reality is a technological phenomenon that combines elements of both virtual and augmented reality to create a unique and immersive experience for users. This cutting-edge technology has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including entertainment, education, and healthcare. By seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds, mixed reality offers users a new level of interactivity and engagement that was previously impossible. As such, it represents a significant advancement in the field of computer science and has garnered widespread interest and investment from both the public and private sectors.

Marcus Owen Bell (born January 18, 1994), also known as CalmsurblePV, is a mixed reality artist singer song writer, dancer, and actor. Bell’s father’s name is Silas Earl Bell and his mother’s name Carloyn Anne Chambers. Bell attended James Monroe Highschool in Fredericksburg, Virginia 2008-2012. While attending high school as a freshman he won a AA Virginia varsity football state championship as a defensive end with the James Monroe Yellow Jackets in 2008 and in his senior as a starting offensive gaurd Bell had a state championship runner up in 2011.


Bell attended Old Dominion University 2012-2017 and received a Bachelors in Theatre with a Performance Emphasis. While attending he received a Viburnam Acting Award and two Irene Ryan Acting Nominations For The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Region 4. 


Then began acting with Virginia Stage Company through 2014-2016 and also worked as a Education Artist Intern under VSC. In 2013-14 Bell under the username Calmsurble/CalmsurblePV was discovered by the popular youtuber the Nostalgia critic went viral on reddit with 800,000 views in total with urban vernacular plot summaries on Youtube with Spirited Away, Ponyo, and Animal Crossing The Movie In, 2019 he was on a popular livestream as Butler Bell.


In 2021, Bell released his first 8 track album King Walk. Later in 2021 Bell created performed The Pokimane Musical  under his own show called Calmsurble’s Kabuki Theatre which was a mixed reality live animation musical  which had a viral clip which popular streamer XQC reacted to. His mixed Reality livestream made with the Unreal Engine developed the First Chat Controlled Story Game called the Life Of Pepe.

Bell is also a Tiktoker with the username Calmsurble with an amount of over 3 million views on his videos.

A person from SUNY using his name Marcus Bell talked on a TedxTalk and made conjectures titled “All black lives matter”. That person is not Marcus Owen Bell. Bellringer does not know and has no relation to him Marcus Owen Bell. Bellringer does not list a full name which leaves the indentity in question. Bellringer has made a website that matches the identity of calmsurble with same mother’s name Carolyn. Bellringer could be seen as a person attempting identity fraud on the real Marcus Owen Bell. This is why colleges do not allow students to make citations of wikipedia because of how information can be manipulated. This is why Doja Cat could have created a song called “Attention” becuase she could have bren catfished by Bellringer. She could have been contacted by Bellringer believing this person was calmsurblepv. Calmsurble’s real legal name is Marcus Owen Bell and with his songs, 투씨 Tushie and You Can’t Keep Me Waiting Doja Cat  could have made a lyric about calmsurble’s music and song “Tushy”. 

Bell only goes by Marcus Owen Bell on Amazon Books.

Marcus Owen Bell’s Wiki:


Marcus’s Book on Amazon


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