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From Vision to Reality: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Ashley Ta and the Birth of Yéw 

From a young age, I’ve always known that creation was in my blood. Whether it was crafting visual content, cooking up delectable dishes, or expressing myself through art, the desire to create has been my guiding star. Little did I know that this innate drive would eventually lead me on a transformative journey toward the creation of Yéw, a small but impactful beauty brand based in Malaysia. 

The Early Seeds of Ambition 

My journey began with a simple act of financial discipline. At the tender age of 12, I received my first allowance. Instead of spending it all, I made the conscious decision to save 50% of it. This disciplined saving continued until I turned 19. Those early lessons in financial responsibility would later provide the financial foundation for Yéw’s inception. 

The Catalyst of Change: Lockdown and Self-Reinvention 

It took a global pandemic and a period of lockdown for me to truly reflect on my life. I had numerous aspirations and goals, yet I felt stagnant and unfulfilled. That’s when I decided to embark on a journey of self-reinvention. Dissatisfied with my physical appearance, I committed to losing weight and improving my skin’s health. Little did I know that this personal journey would serve as the genesis of Yéw. 

Identifying a Gap in the Market 

As I embarked on my quest for self-improvement, I found myself navigating the labyrinthine world of skincare and body care products. I encountered countless products with flashy marketing and extravagant claims, but they often fell short of delivering real results. It struck me that there was a gap in the market for simple yet effective solutions to common beauty problems – problems like fading tan lines or combating ingrown hairs, issues that many people faced but struggled to address. 

The Birth of Yéw 

Inspiration often strikes in unexpected moments. Yéw was born out of my deep respect and admiration for my mother, Carmen Yew, and my father, Michael Ta. The two things that define me are the surname I carry, Ta, and the creation I’m proud of, Yéw. To me, my parents were the epitome of intelligence and respect.In their honor, I named my brand “Yéw,” taking inspiration from my mother’s name as a tribute to the woman who personified the values I sought to infuse into my brand. I also drew inspiration from my father, who offered steadfast support through his years of business experience, providing both encouragement and valuable wisdom. Together, they are the pillars of inspiration behind the creation of Yéw. 

Yéw: A Brand with a Purpose 

Yéw isn’t just another beauty brand; it’s a reflection of my core values and beliefs. We’re a local beauty brand in Malaysia with a singular focus: providing simple solutions to intricate beauty problems. We don’t hide behind marketing gimmicks or obscure ingredient lists. Instead, we embrace transparency, sharing exactly what goes into our products – organic, locally sourced ingredients that deliver results. 

The Mission of Yéw 

My mission with Yéw is clear and resolute: it’s not about conquering the world through marketing and branding. Instead, Yéw’s purpose is to empower individuals to feel better about themselves by offering straightforward solutions to their unique beauty challenges. Our commitment to transparency and simplicity is our way of helping people boost their confidence and embrace their natural beauty. 

In conclusion, the journey of creating Yéw is a testament to the power of passion, purpose, and perseverance. It’s a story of transformation, from personal growth to the birth of a brand that seeks to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Through Yéw, we aim to simplify beauty and promote self-confidence, one honest product at a time. 

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