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Andy Horner aka Anxious Andy: Fights his thoughts

Andy Horner widely known as Anxious Andy! Most already know about him, but for those who don’t, his life is all about mental health struggles. Andy uses his platform to tell people about the struggles he has been through and how he talks about them to make them normal and break the stereotype.

The problems started when Andy was adopted by his parents when he was six weeks old. At that very age he started showing mental health issues which his parents initially ignored. But, later when the time came, Andy and his brother were sent to a private school where Andy became anxious while appearing in the admission test as he had failed twice. Fast forward when Andy entered his twenties, he started facing issues to build social relationships. Andy faced unlimited amount of abuse in the form of punches, kicks and bites! But it did not end here. It kept happening again and again. He faced set backs from friends, girlfriends and everyone else around him.

Suddenly the time changed and Andy joined social media. Once Andy joined social media he started talking about social life and mental health! Andy broke the stereotypical term of mental health and started talking openly about it. He talks about his journey on all his social media platforms and tells people how he recovered from these struggles. He started making videos where he talks about his different hobbies and activities, including hiking, gymming and and many other activities to let people know how they can divert themselves from depression and anxiety.

This journey of Andy’s inspired many people and his social media family kept growing! Andy is one of those influencers, who influence people on the right path for the right reason. Last year Andy was a finalist for Inspirational Individual in the heart of Yorkshire where Andy grew up and currently lives and it’s not surprising with Andy’s creative website, Facebook and Instagram platforms where he has helped and inspired millions of people to overcome their fears and social anxiety and to open up and talk about their own experiences. So, if you are also suffering from mental health issues join Andy’s online family and begin your journey. In this journey you will go through how Andy started his mental health battle, how he suffered from it and how he copes with it.

With this influential power of Andy, he has motivated other influencers to talk about mental health as well. A few years ago, the discussion about mental health was not normal, it was considered as a stereotypical social taboo but Andy’s discussions and videos gave it a rise and told people how it is important to discuss mental health just like it is important to talk about physical health. Now, Andy is among most common social media influencers for a good cause! If you want to know more about Andy follow his platforms and visit his website and begin the journey of support, healing and power as Andy aims to support every individual who is suffering from mental health issues.

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