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Employee Retention Tax Credit Advance with Break Bread Lending’s “ERC Flash Pass”

The Employee Retention Tax Credit has been taking the nation by storm. Business owners who kept employees on during the pandemic can receive up to $26,000 per W2. The credits effectively act as a grant, and aren’t “earmarked” for any particular use. Business owners are personally receiving checks for hundreds of thousands to ten of millions of dollars.

This is the biggest exchange of currency in documented human history, and as more and more business owners are becoming aware that they qualify, the longer the wait on getting the return has become. Unfortunately, the wait is causing many businesses to close unjustly because they can’t access their due capital.

The owners of healthy, thriving businesses that qualify are getting frustrated as well because they are missing out on investment opportunities they could have made had the government simply given them their money.

Break Bread Lending’s new product, “ERC Flash Pass,” aims to stem that tide.

The firm uses advanced AI underwriting software to accurately file a claim instantly. Human eyes are still on the paperwork, but the automated process cuts the processing and filing time down considerably. What is taking other firms weeks, and sometimes months, is taking Break Bread Lending’s software a few short hours. Not only does it cut down time, but the program also doesn’t get tired, or make mistakes, and can accurately calculate a max refund every single time.

When you couple this with their private hedge funds ability to advance you 80% of your check in 3 – 10 business days; you’ve got their “ERC Flash Pass.”

You essentially ‘skip the line’ and have your Employee Retention Tax Credit fully filed with the IRS, and funded into your account within a month. The very same process is taking other firms over a year in some cases.

Another great thing is that you can still use the “Flash Pass” for an expedited payment in days even if you didn’t file your ERC through them initially. Quality service.

In a world where time is valuable commodity, Break Bread Lending’s Employee Retention Tax Credit filing process with “ERC Flash Pass” is a real winner!


Contact for info: 561-613-2639

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