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Devin Millar is a Unique Musician Like No Other

The music industry has been criticized for being repetitive as well as judgmental of the opinions of others, especially free thinkers. Well, that is not the case for this musician. 

His name is Devin Millar, he plays piano and guitar, but creates music on his computer with a digital audio workstation, and animated music videos to go with his aesthetic of cartoons from the 90s, a theme he is proudly fond of. 

He was born on April 6 in Portland, Oregon, and lives with his family a couple of miles away, in a smaller town. He prefers to not talk about what he does in his personal life as Millar believes privacy is a lost art, but he has grown up around Trance music and on the internet looking at the culture that surrounds it. His uncle lived with him at the time and showed him how to make dance music at an early age. He was then featured on a local radio station where he got a local success. At the age of 14 after a long hiatus, he returned to making dance music only this time it was fully modern-sounding. This has gotten even more local attention. 

“Hoody” was a breakout hit, and the song not only brings us the classic gangster vibes but also that we are all equal as human beings, and we should be able to do whatever we want. This song’s results have been successful and let’s hope it brings out more success for him in the future. 

“BFD” is a similar empowerment song he created with the intention of spreading awareness and understanding of sexuality. He admits that it seems it is overlooked and misunderstood and hopes with his music that he can help others feel better about themselves in a fun way. 

Animated music videos and Dance music seems like a perfect combination Devin Millar has a YouTube channel with a lot of views and is also famous on TikTok, plus he has a loyal fan base who is welcoming.

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