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Adriana Mihaela Zarzu – Singing in Five Languages, Uniting Countless Hearts

Adriana Mihaela Zarzu is a name making waves across disciplines in music narrative and genre, as she intricate blends her devotion to pop/rock and classical rhythms. This self-taught soprano has a uniqueness that is as refreshing as it is captivating. Born and bred in Romania, Zarzu now calls California her home, a journey that is as diverse as her music.

Zarzu, a talented polyglot, struts gracefully between different languages, singing effortlessly in five, with her voice hitting diverse cultures. The artist roots her passion in her dedication to music, dedicating time to cultivating an catalog through unique harmonies that communicate with a raw, emotive resonance.

The talented musician has seen her work earn accolades. In 2021, Zarzu took center stage as the winner of the First (Classical Repertoire) of the American Protege International Vocal Competition, achieving further commendation in 2022 with the Recognition Award by iClassical Academy, an ally to Sound Espressivo. Her music is a harmony of hope, joy, faith, and solace, which she relentlessly aims to share, especially in these testing and unprecedented times.

Zarzu’s performances extend to local theaters and churches, from her home base in Sacramento to Vienna, Austria. Her early experiences were in school plays, and these invariably helped her hone her skills and passion for her art. More than just an entertainer, she holds a prominent role in special needs services and actions towards the underprivileged, showing an empathetic side that compliments her musical prowess.

Beyond the concert halls and the theater stages, Zarzu made her mark in the Enchant Christmas Sacramento production in 2022, an annual event that has come to be known as the world’s largest lit-up winter wonderland. Currently, she has joined the Sacramento Philharmonic Opera and Chorus for the concert featuring Andrea Bocelli and their production of Opera! La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini.

One notable highlight for the artist came in 2023 when she graced the stage at the coveted Carnegie Hall, New York, for her inaugural recital at the Laureate Gala, adding a commendable credential to an already impressive portfolio.

For anyone new to her music, Zarzu describes it as an experience that transcends into another dimension, space, and time. As she navigates more singing competitions and expands her ever-growing catalog, fans can follow her journey on InstagramSpotify, and YouTube.

Her popular pieces such as “IL Mia Core Va/My heart will go on”, “Favola Breve”, “Ave Maria”, “Love like this”, “Nella Fantasia”, and “Adagio” attest her musical style’s versatility. Currently, Zarzu is engrossed in preparing for her role in the Opera! Die Fledermaus by J. Strauss Jr., set to be staged by the Sacramento Opera and Chorus.

Adriana Mihaela Zarzu – her music crossing continents, bridging cultures, stimulating senses, and challenging the boundaries of musical genres. The artist has arrived, captivating hearts and soothing souls through the power of her melodies.

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