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“Unleashing the Complete Potential of Organizational Ecosystems and Strategic Approaches: An Insightful Interview with idhubs founder Rojit Sorokhaibam”

Interviewer: Today, we are joined by Rojit Sorokhaibam, the Founder of idhubs. Rojit, can you tell us about idhubs, why you started the company and how idhubs brings diverse stakeholders together to collaborate and co-create value? Rojit Sorokhaibam (Founder –…

Thimoj: They did it!

Thimoj: They did it!

Teddy Celdran, now renowned Director of Thimoj, a master in the art of Quantum computing and 3D animation, has just confirmed their status as the biggest Web 3 company of the first half of 2023. After numerous announcements, each as…

“Empowering Through Vision: The Story of Mrs Universal Empire International Beauty Contest and Its Visionary Founder, Ms. Layla Najafi”:

In a world hungry for positive change and meaningful connections, where innovation and vision drive progress, there are remarkable individuals who stand out for their ability to create platforms that shape lives, empower communities, and drive positive change. Among them…

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