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Q1: @fitbcheeks, your physique is truly inspiring! Could you share with us your journey towards achieving such an amazing fit body? What motivated you to embark on this fitness journey?

I became interested in fitness when I was 15 years old. Currently I’m 25 and it’s been one of the best things that have happened to me. I was a chubby kid through middle school and was bullied for it. I remember kids saying “She runs on cake”. At 15 I joined a gym and started doing cardio for a few years and then slowly made my way into the weight section. I started my social media accounts towards the end of high school and wanted to document my fitness journey. It started with an account that was just for me to see my own progress and then slowly many people joined and the community kept growing. 

Q2: Maintaining a consistent fitness routine requires tremendous dedication and drive. How do you stay motivated to push yourself to new limits and overcome challenges in your fitness journey?

It’s very hard to consistently maintain a good physique and stay motivated at the same time year round. The gym has become more of a task lately. Almost like doing your bed in the morning when you wake up or brushing your teeth. It must get done! 

The motivation to go to the gym is not always there. That’s where you must be disciplined and push yourself to go even on your worst days.

Some things that do help me stay motivated to go to the gym is: getting new gym clothing, finding a new gym playlist, trying a new gym out for a few months, switching the gym routine, and switching the times I go to the gym to maybe later in the evening or super early in the morning.  

Q3: Many people struggle with incorporating fitness into their daily lives due to busy schedules. Could you provide some insights into how you prioritize fitness amidst your other commitments, such as work or personal life?

Many people struggle with incorporating fitness into their daily lives due to busy schedules. But in reality if you really want something you will sacrifice something in return for it. It could be sacrificing two hours of sleep just to make it to the gym or sacrificing your personal time for the gym.

Q4: As a successful fitness influencer, you’ve built a significant following on Instagram. How do you engage with your audience and motivate them to lead a healthier lifestyle? What sets your approach apart from others in the industry?

I try to engage with my audience by showing them that you can eat the carbs and whatever food you want in moderation. It all takes balance. I also try to show them that you can almost workout anywhere. I post a lot of home workouts that can be done with workout bands. My approach is different from others in the industry because I try to show my following that they can enjoy life’s good food without feeling like they need to constantly be dieting. 

By the way, for those looking for exclusive content and a deeper look into my fitness routines, make sure to check out my OnlyFans account for some exciting behind-the-scenes footage at www.onlyfans.com/fitbcheeks and for those interested to learn more, get inspired and perhaps collaborate or those who would like to keep up with me, follow my Instagram at www.instagram.com/fitbcheeksofficial 

Q5: Your Instagram showcases a variety of exercises and workouts. Could you share some of your favorite fitness routines that have helped you achieve your physique?

Some of my favorite fitness routines consist of back workouts especially targeting the lats. I love back workouts because by working on your back it helps grow your lats which in the end creates a small waist illusion. 

Q6: In addition to your Instagram presence, you also have an OnlyFans account. How do you leverage this platform to offer exclusive fitness content and engage with your subscribers?

It can be very hard to target both audiences meaning I’m targeting a fitness audience and an audience for my OnlyFans. I try to combine certain pieces of content to target both at the same time. 

Also, something I do differently on my OnlyFans is offer exclusive gym content where they can’t find anywhere else. 

Q7: Many individuals aspire to attain a fit body like yours. Do you have any specific tips or advice for beginners who are just starting their fitness journey?

My main advice/tip for beginners who are just starting their fitness journey is to just start. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, just start. Go outside and go on a run or get a gym membership and  set a goal to make it to the gym. JUST START!

Q8: What upcoming projects or events can your followers and subscribers look forward to in the near future? Is there anything exciting you’d like to share with us? 

I’m excited to announce that I will be joining the streaming platform KICK. I will be streaming all my fitness workouts there in the next few weeks, make sure to check my Instagram or twitter for updates on that @fitbcheeksofficial

Q9: Many of your followers and perhaps subscribers too, see you as a business woman as you have sustained the image of a trustworthy and reputable online figure to work with several brands and likeminded creators, what is your goal businesswise to expand from the current work you are doing? 

One of my goals as a business woman is to get into the Airbnb industry. I want to share my journey on acquiring properties and running an Airbnb business with my following in the near future. 

Q10: Talking more about the business side of online work, do you believe AI is something that could take over this industry without its human-creators ?  

AI is something that scares me. It will definitely be taking over the industry with time. I think it will have many positive effects at the same time many negatives when it does take over human creators. 

Follow @fitbcheeks online at www.instagram.com/fitbcheeksofficial  and www.instagram.com/fitbcheeks 

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