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“Unconditional Love” By Devin Millar Pays Homage To The Inspirational Rob Renzetti

Devin Millar has another song which is a positive message-fueled song with lots of good words on it. This time, it is powered by his nostalgia from his younger years. 

Particularly the inspiration for the song is My Life As A Teenage Robot, a show from the 2000s about Jenny Wakeman, or XJ-9, a robot girl who wishes to be a normal human girl going to high school with the help of her human friend Brad and his brother Tuck, whom she goes to school with. The show had a resurgence in the late 2010s and early 2020s, with many remembering this show and having watched during it’s run on Nick Toons. Devin also watched this show and was inspired by it to create a song to show his love for it and to spread positive energy.

The show has a large fanbase that is dedicated to it’s legacy since the show was canceled after it’s airing life. The creator of the show, Rob Renzetti, wishes to carry on the legacy himself as he took part in working on other cartoons during the time such as Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Mina And The Count, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and Gravity Falls. 

The music video was released later that week after the song was officially released and shows the story of a high school girl who is half-robot. She has a sleepover as a celebration of stopping a rampaging green monster. She shows off her life in high school and meets her friends on the way home and at the sleepover. She opens a pocket watch to see a picture of what resembles the logo of Jenny inside the clock and stares at it happily. 

The song was also released on Spotify and most streaming services which is a plus for music lovers since a portion of Devin’s fanbase resides on those sites. 

The song is already becoming huge on YouTube and is regarded as a great comeback by this talented musician and animator. Devin Millar has more of these coming and let’s hope for more good songs and videos. 

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