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Storefjellstølen: Norway’s New Premier Mountain Community Takes Shape

Nestled in the majestic heart of Norway, a groundbreaking mountain chalet community named Storefjellstølen  www.storefjellstolen.no is capturing attention, the overall project and concept is masterfully designed by the globally acclaimed architectural firm Snøhetta. With a portfolio that includes the transformative designs of the Oslo Opera House, the National September 11 Memorial Museum Pavilion in New York, and the expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Snøhetta (www.snohetta.com) is now bringing its innovative vision to the realm of mountain living in Norway.

Under the stewardship of visionary Knut Brusletto, Storefjellstølen is set to become a pinnacle of luxury and ski-oriented lifestyle. Perched 1028 meters above sea level, this community not only features its own ski loft and slope aimed at leisure skiers but is also a stone’s throw away from a ski area equipped with three lifts and eight slopes. Storefjellstølen offers 220 km of prepared cross country skiing tracks into the mountain, 1000 meters above sea level. 

This prime location ensures that Storefjellstølen will cater to ski aficionados of all levels. The slopes nearby are more for families, but a nearly 30-minute drive away you can be skiing in Hemsedal with all the slopes they can offer 21 lifts and 51 slopes.

During the summer Storefjellstølen offers several mountain bike trails, lake fishing, trekking, and unspoiled nature. 

The initiative’s initial phase was met with outstanding success, witnessing the construction and sale of 24 opulent cabins. Building on this momentum, the forthcoming phase is ambitious, setting the stage for the addition of 30 more chalets. These new properties are designed to epitomize luxury and modern convenience, complete with a commercial center that will offer a grocery store, restaurant, and essential amenities for an enriched stay. Embracing sustainability, the community plans include an indoor heated garage and electric car charging stations.

Storefjellstølen is crafted to be more than just a place to reside; it is envisioned as a destination that marries luxury with nature and convenience. Strategically situated within a manageable two and a half hours’ drive from the urban centers of Oslo and Bergen, it aims to be a prime getaway for those seeking the serene beauty and adventure of Norway’s mountainous landscapes.

The involvement of Snøhetta ensures that Storefjellstølen will likely not just be an architectural feat but a seamless blend of modern luxury with the natural environment and cultural heritage of its location. Snøhetta’s designs often pay homage to the surroundings, promising that this mountain chalet community will stand as a respectful and innovative addition to Norway’s scenic panorama.

With the next construction phase on the horizon, Storefjellstølen is poised to redefine mountain community living in Norway. Its synthesis of design excellence, Knut Brusletto vison, an unbeatable location, and a forward-thinking approach to luxury and ecological sustainability heralds a new chapter for Norwegian mountain chalets. This project is setting a new standard, potentially influencing future developments in the region and setting a precedent for high-end, sustainable mountain living globally.

Website: https://storefjellstolen.no 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/storefjellstolen/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/storefjellstolen

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