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Piano Story: What Happens If You Combine Bach and MadMax?

As the last note echoed off the mountain peaks, the car’s engine hummed into silence. A woman with fiery red hair and eyes full of curiosity, stepped out. Her boots crunched against the gravel, the sound dwarfed by the silence left by the man’s melody. 

“Interesting place for a concert,” she said, leaning against her car, her gaze fixed on the piano. The man slowly turned around, his eyes lingering on the ivory keys. Her curiosity piqued, she walked over, her steps slow and measured. She noticed the sadness in his eyes, the leather tailcoat he wore, the way his fingers danced over the keys even though the music had stopped. 

This is the story behind a music video “Piano Story” performed by entrepreneur Dmitry Volkov together with Oino orchestra. 

Investor, serial entrepreneur, founder of the third largest social discovery companies in the world, philosopher, and pianist Dmitry Volkov, took centre stage in his new raw and moving music video playing Bach’s No.4 in A major.

The visuals begin with a grand piano descending from the skies, cradled by a helicopter. The scenes then shift into stark juxtaposition, featuring post-apocalyptic cars rallying around, while displaying a birds-eye view and close-up of both the Oino orchestra and Volkov. In the music video, Oino orchestra participated under the direction of the People’s Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ernis Asanaliev. 

“Piano Story” was inspired by the MadWay Rally which was held in Kyrgyzstan this year. It is an adrenaline fueled expedition, where drivers race their cars in a post-apocalyptic scene. This is a yearly event that takes place in sparsely populated remote locations, that is essentially a test of character, resilience and strength for participants. 

With a rendition of Bach’s No.4, Volkov Dmitry, takes on Johann Sebastian’s elevated traditional German musical styles. The connection between music and nature becomes more evident as Volkov finds himself in an environment that is both contrasting and harmonious. 

The music video showcases the leading contemporary trend in which music explores new dimensions through its setting and environment. Volkov’s performance can be compared to the likes of Piano Guys and Ludovico Einaudi who similarly incorporate their surroundings to enhance the musical atmosphere. The Piano Guys interpretation of “Let It Go” from Frozen and “Vivaldi’s Winter” aimed to create a musical interplay between the concepts of freezing and thawing, symbolising the opposing forces inherent in the storyline of Frozen. Ludovico’s rendition of “Elegy for Arctic” took place on a floating platform amidst the Arctic Ocean, inspired by the collective voices of eight million individuals worldwide, united in their call for the preservation of the Arctic. 

Despite eliciting a sense of post-apocalyptic desolation in Vokov’s music video, the wild horses, pristine white grand piano, surrounded by a captivating natural mountain range serve as a depiction of an extraordinary narrative of purity and hope during what might be a catastrophic event. 


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