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NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program: Spread the Joy of Reading

If you possess a deep appreciation for books or simply have a fervent love for NFTBOOKS and desire to share the joy of reading with others, the latest NFTBOOKS Affiliate program presents an ideal opportunity for you.

By participating in this program, you have the chance to earn enticing rewards and income through straightforward commissions, all while sharing your own reading experiences and promoting book purchases on NFTBOOKS with your acquaintances.

So, what sets the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program apart? Allow us to elaborate.

In this article, we will use the term “referrer” to describe the person making the referral.

The person is referred to will be called the “referee”.

The author is referred to will be known as the “referred author”.

What is NFTBOOKS? 

Before delving into the Affiliate program, let us explore the benefits of NFTBOOKS and why it warrants introducing to your friends.

The remarkable progress in science and technology has facilitated the emergence of digital publishing. Thanks to these advancements, published works have become more easily accessible to readers. Through websites and applications on smart devices, readers have come closer to the world of books. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain technology (Web3) with the internet (Web2) has given rise to platforms that leverage blockchain technology to grant readers worldwide affordable and accessible opportunities for book reading.

NFTBOOKS stands as the pioneering NFT book market, harnessing the security and decentralization of blockchain technology to offer readers an extensive array of affordable books. Notably, authors’ books published on NFTBOOKS are safeguarded as NFTs, ensuring the eradication of piracy and unauthorized distribution.

Unlocking the Power: Why Recommend NFTBOOKS?

As a proud user of NFTBOOKS, you know firsthand how potential our platform is. Your preferences and valuable feedback have shaped our journey. Now, an amazing opportunity has arisen for you to share and wholeheartedly recommend NFTBOOKS to your esteemed circle. Brace yourself for the outstanding reasons that make NFTBOOKS a force to be reckoned with: 

Accessible Book Reading Experience

Genuine book enthusiasts are always eager to invest in books as a means to acquire invaluable knowledge. However, for those facing financial constraints, is there an alternative means for them to derive pleasure from reading without burdening themselves with excessive costs?

Presently, physical books range in price from five dollars to one thousand dollars, while e-books typically cost between two dollars and one thousand dollars. However, NFTBOOKS offers an unparalleled price range, with books priced between 1 million and 100 million NFTBS (equivalent to 0.5 dollars to 10 dollars). Such affordability is unprecedented in the book market.

Unlimited Rewards

To encourage users to cultivate the habit of reading, NFTBOOKS consistently provides numerous opportunities for earning rewards through platform features. This includes the Reward Point program and the latest addition, the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program. By reading books, users not only expand their knowledge but also unlock a passive income stream.

Diverse Copyrighted Book Library

NFTBOOKS boasts an extensive library of over 500 copyrighted books, spanning various genres and languages such as Indian, Indonesian, English, Vietnamese, Persian, German, and more. Books available on NFTBOOKS are fortified with NFT copyrights and undergo rigorous verification processes, ensuring counterfeit and untraceable books never reach our readers. 

 Diverse Copyrighted Book Library

NFTBOOKS effectively resolves the rampant issue of pirated books on the internet, providing readers with a secure reading experience and alleviating concerns regarding the piracy of e-books.

Lowest Publishing Fees

NFTBOOKS aims to maximize authors’ profits by offering the most equitable publishing model to date. Unlike platforms like Amazon which demand authors to pay substantial publishing fees (ranging from 30% to 70% of the book price), NFTBOOKS charges authors a minimal fee of less than 5% (1/10 of the previous rate).

Long-term Investment Potential

At NFTBOOKS, users can not only indulge in reading books but also make investments through our primary token, NFTBS, which serves as the transaction currency for platform activities. This establishes a long-term investment opportunity as NFTBOOKS continues to evolve and enhance user experiences.

Web3 Socialfi Community

If you possess an interest in technology, you will know Threads. Within a mere week, Meta’s Threads amassed over 100 million downloads, causing ripples in the tech community and among social media users worldwide. Meta perceives Threads as a platform where users can directly connect with and follow their favorite creators. In essence, Threads resembles Twitter but with a greater emphasis on creators and prominent people on Instagram.

The creation of NFTBOOKS’ Web3 Socialfi Community serves a similar purpose. It aims to expand interaction capabilities, foster decentralized literary exchanges, and provide unlimited income opportunities for authors and readers. NFTBOOKS’ new Web3 Socialfi Community will serve as a space where authors can freely engage with readers, allowing outstanding posts by readers or any content creators on NFTBOOKS to be transformed into books and published on our book market. It is no exaggeration to claim that NFTBOOKS’ new Web3 social network will be an enhanced version of “Twitter” exclusively dedicated to the global reading community.

NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program: Spread the Joy of Reading 

Now, brace yourself for the grand reveal — the extraordinary NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program awaits!

The NFTBOOKS Affiliate program has been created to assist users in generating additional passive income by referring their friends to engage in book reading, publish books, and make book purchases on NFTBOOKS. Specifically, you will share your referral links with your friends and receive limitless commissions in the form of NFTBS from both authors and NFTBOOKS.

NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program: Spread the Joy of Reading 

Through this program, our objective is to spread the joy of reading and extend low-cost, high-quality book access to individuals across the globe.

What are the benefits for users participating in the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program?

The NFTBOOKS Affiliate program encompasses three distinct programs: User Affiliate Program, Buying Book Affiliate Program, and Author Affiliate Program. Here are the details:

User Affiliate Program

This program is suitable for all users, including readers, authors, and anyone interested in and possessing an account on NFTBOOKS. As a referrer, you will receive 5,000,000 NFTBS when the user you referred connects their wallet and utilizes any of NFTBOOKS’ features for the first time. These features include book registering to buy, renting, borrowing, reading, and writing book reviews.

The more you disseminate the opportunity to read books to others, the greater your rewards!

Buying Book Affiliate Program

This program empowers you to earn commission fees by referring book buyers. The precise commission percentage will be determined by the author prior to publishing the book on NFTBOOKS. To gain a better understanding of this referral program, consider the following example:

Shahoo, a renowned author on NFTBOOKS, has the option to allocate a specific commission percentage to the referrer through the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program upon publishing his book.

More specifically, Shahoo can establish a commission rate that the referrer will receive when someone clicks on the referral link and purchases the book.

Once the book is published on the NFTBOOKS platform, users will share the referral link with their friends. For each successful book purchase made through that link, the system will duly provide the corresponding commission percentage to the user.

Author Affiliate Program

The Author Publication Referral program serves as a referral initiative for authors seeking to join the NFTBOOKS community. This program represents the most extensive passive income opportunity for NFTBOOKS users. The following outlines the rewards you will receive through this program:

ReferrerReferred Author
Pass review of the first book30,000,000 NFTBS
The first published book50,000,000 NFTBS20,000,000 NFTBS
5th published book70,000,000 NFTBS
10th published book90,000,000 NFTBS 

To put it simply, here’s a breakdown of the rewards you’ll receive through the NFTBOOKS Affiliate program:

  • When the author you referred signs up to the NFTBOOKS platform and completes their first book review, you will earn 30,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred to publishes their first book, both you and the author will receive rewards. You will earn 50,000,000 NFTBS, and the author will receive 20,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred to publishes their 5th book, you will earn 70,000,000 NFTBS.
  • When the author you referred reaches the milestone of publishing their 10th book, you will earn 90,000,000 NFTBS. 

Exclusive Additional Bonus

In addition, as the number of referred authors increases, you will receive more bonuses. For 5 to 9 referred authors, you will earn double the NFTBS rewards. If you have more than 10 referred authors, the reward will be tripled (x3)! Get ready for an incredible earning potential that surpasses your imagination: 

The number of NFTBS rewards with 1 to 4 referred authorsX2 The number of NFTBS rewards with 5 to 9 referred authorsX3 The number of NFTBS rewards with more than 10 referred authors 
Pass review of the first book30,000,000 NFTBS60,000,000 NFTBS180,000,000 NFTBS
The first published book50,000,000 NFTBS100,000,000 NFTBS150,000,000 NFTBS
5th published book70,000,000 NFTBS140,000,000 NFTBS210,000,000 NFTBS
10th published book90,000,000 NFTBS 180,000,000 NFTBS 270,000,000 NFTBS

Rules: Embrace the Excitement with Responsibility

While the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program brings unparalleled excitement and limitless earning potential, it is important to adhere to a few key rules:

  • No Fake accounts allowed: Duplicate accounts will not be considered for commission earnings, ensuring fairness and integrity within the program.
  • NFTBOOKS’s decision is final: We reserve the right to make the final decision on granting or revoking commissions in specific cases, and we may modify the referral program as necessary. Trust in our commitment to creating a vibrant and sustainable affiliate ecosystem.

Closing thought 

Let the thrill of earning passive income ignite your passion for NFTBOOKS as you embark on an unforgettable journey of rewards, connections, and a shared love for literature. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement is palpable. Join the NFTBOOKS Affiliate Program today and experience the true magic of uniting readers, authors, and book enthusiasts in a celebration of literary brilliance.

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